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Alert Management with SAP NetWeaver Application Server

The Alert Management system is a business service provided by the SAP NetWeaver Application Server. SAP provides its customers with a wide variety of functions for the management of information that is critical to the user's work. The information is delivered actively and as quickly as possible. You cut considerably the costs incurred for the management of critical situations, because the response time is reduced significantly.

The user can choose which medium is used for the delivery of this information. Important information can be delivered by e-mail, to a cellular phone or other hand-held device, or to the Universal Work List (UWL) within the Enterprise Portal. The user can also use subscription to determine the subjects that are relevant for him or her, and the business conditions about which he or she wishes to be notified.

The cornerstone of Alert Management is the central Alert Framework, the infrastructure for generating, sending, and displaying alerts. Alert Management contents are provided by SAP applications and external partner products. You find detailed information on Alert Management under the following links:


Alert Management Overview   

This is a power point presentation that gives an overview about Alert Management. This concludes a definition, the benefits etc.


Alert Management as of SAP NW 7.0   (SAP Online Help) 

This online documentation describes the functions and features of Alert Management as of SAP NetWeaver release 7.0 (04s).

Using Alert Management in the PI Context   (SAP Online Help) 

This link leads you to information on how to configure Alert Management for usage in SAP NetWeaver Process Integration context, Exchange Infrastructure subject area.

Forwarding Alerts to Alert Management   (SAP Online Help) 

The auto-reaction method CCMS_Send_Alert_to_ALM, which forwards alerts for assigned monitoring architecture nodes to the Alert Management, is available in the alert monitor. The documentation describes how to configure the forwarding of CCMS alerts to the Alert Management.

Example Configuration: Forwarding Alerts to the Alert Management   (SAP Online Help)   

This example demonstrates which configuration steps you must perform to forward CCMS alerts to Alert Management and to display them in the Alert Inbox.


Introduction to Alert Management   (SAP Tutor, 2 MB) 

This SAP Tutor introduces you to the features, benefits, and concepts of Alert Management.

Triggering ALM Alerts with Event Linkage   (SAP Tutor, 6 MB) 

This SAP Tutor session is about triggering ALM alerts with event linkage.

Important Notes

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Roles for Alert Management


Changing the standard setting for delivery of alerts


Problems with alert subscription and ALERTPERSONALIZE_RULES

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