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SAP NetWeaver Mobile

Mobile Infrastructure How-to Guides for SAP NetWeaver 2004

If you are looking for expert advice and tricks on a broad range of NetWeaver-related topics, why don't you try looking at the How-to Guides? These guides are developed by SAP NetWeaver Regional Implementation Groups (RIG) worldwide.

You can Access all How-to Guides by release or topic.

You can Enter the wiki for supplementary information about SAP NetWeaver How-to Guides that have been removed from SDN.

How to Configure Single Sign-On Support of SAP Mobile Infrastructure                 

This guide introduces the technical requirements and details for implementing SAP Mobile Infrastructure in Single Sign-On environments. It also offers specific example scenarios. 12 Feb 2008

How to Enable Secure Synchronization with the ABAP Synchronization Service                  

SAP Mobile Infrastructure uses per default the HTTP protocol for data transfer between client and server. If you transfer business sensitive data via public networks HTTP may not meets your security requirements, as the data is transferred as a plain data stream which could be intercepted by unauthorized parties. SAP Mobile Infrastructure offers the opportunity to switch to the SSL based HTTPS protocol, which offers authentication based on certificates as well as encrypted data transfer. 9 Aug 2007

How to Enable Monitoring with SAP NetWeaver Mobile Administrator                

The NetWeaver  Mobile Administration contains besides other functionality four monitoring tools giving you in-depth insights into your mobile landscape. With SP18 of SAP NetWeaver ‛04 a new administration UI for Mobile Infrastructure 2.5 was introduced. It is completely integrated into the SAP NetWeaver Administrator (NWA). 8 Aug 2007

How to Set up Additional WIN32 J2EE Engine for Setup Package Creation with MI                 

Find detailed information on how to set up an additional WIN32 J2EE engine and which configuration steps are necessary to use it for Setup Package Creation (SPC). 01 Oct 2006

How to Tips and Tricks for Developing High-Performance, Stable MI Applications              

This paper describes how to implement applications based on SAP Mobile Infrastructure. It covers all key steps in the development process, including data access, user interface improvements, and more. It also offers code samples. 01 May 2006

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