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Advanced Preparation Steps

MDMP Systems Only

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Conversion Preparation of MDMP Systems

To get an idea why the following preparation steps are necessary for a Unicode Conversion of an MDMP system, take a look at the Basic Concept of MDMP Conversion.

Steps When You Start to Prepare the Non-UC System (Part II)

Create the System Vocabulary

After the Consistency Check (see sectionFirst Preparation Steps) the System Vocabulary is empty. The Consistency Check  has classified the tables into tables with and tables without language information. Now you need to fill the System Vocabulary by running the following three scans:

These scans search for text data which contain special characters and are not assigned to a character set - in all database tables.  The relevant text data (i.e. words) are then added to the System Vocabulary.

Maintain the System Vocabulary

The System Vocabulary is now filled with words (i.e. text data which are stored in database tables)  that have no or no sufficient information about their original language. The export tool, however, needs this information to convert the data correctly to Unicode format. Therefore, you must assign the missing language information in the System Vocabulary. This sounds like a lot of work, but there are a couple of very helpful tools and methods you can use to assign languages automatically. But a more or less small number of words will remain which must be manually assigned.

Read section Vocabulary Maintenance for details.

Simulate the Conversion

Before you can start the export, you must run the following two additional scans:

Based on the language assignments in the System Vocabulary, they analyze all tables with special characters again and check whether problems could come up during the export (i.e. the actual conversion of the data). Each scan creates a log with problematic data which needs to be maintained like the System Vocabulary using similar methods.

When this part is successfully finished, you can proceed with the Final Preparation Steps.

Unicode Conversion Overview Guide 

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