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SAP NetWeaver Mobile

Occasionally-Connected Clients

Mobile Infrastructure serves as the universal platform for mobilizing your enterprise applications and powering the benefits of SAP xApps for Mobile Business. Mobile Infrastructure is embedded within SAP NetWeaver, which provides the technology foundation for mySAP Business Suite.

For an overview about NetWeaver Mobile 7.0 please take a look into the Technical Brief Mobile Infrastructure and the SAP Mobile Business technology whitepaper .


Installed locally on each mobile device, the Mobile Infrastructure client includes its own Web server, database layer, and business logic – all part of a light-installation runtime environment that extends enterprise capabilities to user whether or not they’re connected to the network. For data manipulated in the field, Mobile Infrastructure provides a synchronization and replication layer that resolves enterprise level data redundancy by synchronizing mobile devices with backend systems using a specially configured middleware server. Mobile Infrastructure also includes a centralized, role-based deployment console that simplifies deployment tasks in a global, multiple-device IT environment.

Mobile Infrastructure is based on open industry standards Java, eXtensible Markup Language (XML) and Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP). Mobile Infrastructure comes prepackaged with a Java virtual machine and provides an open programming model that allows developers to build applications with JavaServer Pages (JSP) or native Java User Interfaces (AWT). This open platform architecture provides true device independence and network independence, supporting mobile devices, such as personal digital assistants (PDAs), laptop computers, and smart phones, as well as such networks as wireless LANs, Bluetooth, and General Packet Radio Service (GPRS).

Mobile Infrastructure works with either a standard browser or a native user interface. Browsers offer maximum flexibility, and with native applications support developers can optimize solutions for screen size and user-interface controls. Mobile Infrastructure comes prepackaged with Mobile Development Kit. This tool kit contains all the documentation, examples, and tools that developers require to build your mobile solution quickly and efficiently or to enhance an SAP standard application with mobile capabilities to optimally suit your business.

NetWeaver Mobile 7.0 includes a number of new features. Please refer to the following New Features to get an overview of the new features.

If you are interested in a real life experience please open the case study of the ONE GmbH.

Architecture - Main Building Blocks

Mobile Infrastructure has been designed and optimized for handheld-based, occasionally connected enterprise applications, such as Mobile Asset Management (MAM), running on devices with a small footprint. The main building blocks of this architecture are:

  • A platform-independent and open standards-based client runtime, featuring a JSP/AWT UI programming model and an extensive MI Client API offering generic services to mobile applications. It is installed locally on the mobile device.
  • The MI Server is a lean synchronization and replication middleware, completely integrated into SAP Web Application Server. It features specialized administration and monitoring tools specifically targeted at managing, monitoring and trouble-shooting large numbers of mobile devices.
  • The Mobile Development Kit, integrated into SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio facilitates the development and testing of mobile applications based on MI.

MI offers Unicode Support. Unicode platforms are supported with MI 2.5 SP09+. This presentation gives more insight into possible system landscapes.

If you want to get further details on the the mobile architecture please refer to the technical consultants guide within the Documentation&Guides.

For Developers

Want to access your application backend through a mobile device? It's easy to get the hang of developing mobile applications based on SAP Mobile Infrastructure.

This site compiles all the information you need to start coding straight away.

For Technology Consultants

Want to implement a mobile application at a customer site? Want to get most out of your mobile landscape? You have special requirements?

This page compiles all the information you need to start off with your mobile project.


The following offline mobile demonstrations highlight the key benefits and features of SAP NetWeaver Mobile. Some demos concentrate on the technical features of SAP NetWeaver Mobile , some show SAP standard applications out of our "SAP Solutions for Mobile Business" offering.

Deploying an application to a device - This demo shows how to use the web console to assign a mobile application to a device.

MSA 5.0 Handheld Solution - This screenmovie shows a Create Order scenario as part of the Mobile Sales for Handheld solution

Mobile Asset Management - This offline Demo shows one of the most commonly used mobile applications

Support Packages & Patches

MI 2.5 Client SP and Patch Strategy (incl. Client Installer)

This document describes how the MI 2.5 client is updated and what has changed with SP13.Details about the new Client Installer (introduced with SP09 ) are also mentioned in this presentation.

Device Driver Framework

Addressing peripheral functions from a mobile application is extremely useful in mobile scenarios. Examples: Printing might be necessary in some sales scenarios when a receipt is required from customers. Scanning of  barcodes or RFID tags is used to improve process quality by reducing input failures and handling costs.

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