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Web Dynpro for ABAP - Customization and Personalization

Web Dynpro ABAP applications offer several mechanisms to change the look and feel of the UI to adjust it to the customer's needs. Configuration of a Web Dynpro application takes place at design time and is done by the application developer. Configured Web Dynpro components can be used by other components. So, it is possible to create generic components which will be specially configured depending on their use. A typical example would be a Web Dynpro application which can run with two different configurations, one configuration which displays the full functionality for an experienced user and another configuration which offers only the most important functionality for the occasional user.

The configuration of a Web Dynpro component con not only steer which UI elements, like buttons or input fields are visible or enabled but can also steer the behavior of the whole component. Read more about Component Configuration within the NetWeaver Developer's Guide.

Personalization on the other hand allows the end user to personalize his individual view of the Web Dynpro component. A typical case is the setting which columns should be displayed in which order in a complex table. Such individual personalization capabilities are directly built into the UI elements provided by the Web Dynpro framework.

Users are therefore able to maintain the UI according to their own needs. The functional possibilities offered by this Personalization procedure depend on how the application developer has designed and configured the involved components.
Finally a special mode allows an administrator to maintain the look and feel of a Web Dynpro application for a well defined group of users. This customization mechanism corresponds to the personalization mechanism, but covers a wider range of users.

Application Configuration

Web Dynpro ABAP Application Configuration   

This video shows the process of using basic application configuration. Unlike the personalization which is tied one-to-one with the application, application configuration allows you to create multiple sets of configuration settings that can be used by different groups or in different situations. You can also specify the application configuration that you want to use when defining an iView in the Netweaver Portal for your Web Dynpro ABAP application.


Web Dynpro ABAP Personalization  

This video shows basic personalization for a Web Dynpro ABAP application.

Web Dynpro ABAP Personalization - Administrative Mode   

This video expands upon the functionality of basic personalization, to demonstrate the additional features of administrative mode personalization.

Going into Details

Web Dynpro ABAP Login Page   

This video demonstrates the functionality of the delivered Login Page for Web Dynpro ABAP. We also see how to setup and customize the login page for a single application.

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