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Post Processing Framework (PPF)

The Post Processing Framework (PPF) provides SAP applications with a uniform interface for the condition-dependent generation of actions (for example, printing delivery notes, faxing order confirmations, or triggering approval procedures). The actions are generated if specific conditions are fulfilled for an application document, for example a specific status is set (approval by some person) or a specific date has been reached (two weeks before end of contract). The actions are then processed either directly or in a scheduled report later on. You find more information on PPF under the following links: 


PPF offers you the following advantages: 

  • The Post Processing Framework can be implemented in different applications and thus provides a similar user interface which is easy to recognize.
  • Actions are executed based on conditions thus preventing things to get lost (no confirmation sent at all) or to be done twice (two billing documents sent to customer).
  • Actions can be defined ‘partner-dependent' thus providing an easy method to use contact information based on business partner data.


Post Processing Framework (SAP Online Help) 

This link leads you to general information on the Post Processing Framework (PPF).

PPF Modeling Guide

This document helps you to find out if your business process can be modeled by PPF actions.

PPF Implementation Guide   

When implementing Post Processing Framework into a new application, the application has to meet some specific requirements. In addition, quite a few code changes have to be applied to the application. This link leads you to the guidelines for this implementation.

Relevant Notes

Note (SMP login required!)



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Related Topics

PPF actions can be used to create document output that is sent as e-mail, fax or printed. The PPF therefore has a strong relationship to the Business Communication Services.

The output can be generated using the form processing technologies

Smart Forms Overview and SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe.

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