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Order to Cash

The order cycle is often manual and complex to manage, with multiple steps, systems, and departments involved, including sales of course, but also service, finance, engineering, operations, and logistics. This disconnected approach often leads to errors, missed orders, longer cycle-times, and higher costs.

High-performing organizations turn this challenge into competitive advantage by enabling the Perfect Order vision. A perfect order is delivered when it simply fully meets customers' expectations at the lowest possible cost. To move ever closer to order perfection and a truly happy customer base, those leading organizations unify their processes and systems to streamline the entire order-to-cash process.

In addition, they deploy new, profitable sales and interaction channels by using technologies such as the Internet to reduce their transaction costs and make the most of every customer interaction across the entire customer life cycle. This unified approach helps cost-effectively eliminate all the issues and errors that can stymie the delivery of on-time and accurate orders, ultimately leading to improved revenues, margins, customer satisfaction, and retention.

Turn the Internet into a Strategic Sales and Interaction Channel

With the emergence of the Internet, the business environment has changed for many organizations and will change even more in the future. There's no way around it: in an increasingly dynamic and global environment, the Web has become an important source of competitive differentiation for companies of all sizes.

mySAP ERP - Enabling Efficient Sales Order Management Demo       (video 4 min)

In this demo, see how mySAP ERP enables efficient sales order management.

Wyeth - Business Transformation Study

Wyeth, one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies, knows how to use heterogeneous technologies to open new business opportunities. The company implemented a combined portal interface and enterprise service-oriented architecture based on the SAP NetWeaver technology platform. The award-winning Vaccines Online Ordering Portal, for example, eases the ordering process for medical professionals while saving Wyeth time and expense.

Bentoel Group - Business Transformation Study

Malang, Indonesia-based Bentoel Group balances state-of-the-art manufacturing with traditional craftsmanship to deliver superior clove and tobacco cigarettes. Yet in the highly competitive Indonesian market, Bentoel needed to integrate processes and improve financial visibility for better decision making. By deploying the SAP ERP application, Bentoel improved sales productivity, reduced stock, and streamlined financial closing and reporting.

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