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User Interface

User Productivity Enablement How-to Guides for SAP NetWeaver 7.0

If you are looking for expert advice and tricks on a broad range of NetWeaver-related topics, why don't you try looking at the How-to Guides? These guides are developed by SAP NetWeaver Regional Implementation Groups (RIG) worldwide.

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You can enter the Wiki for supplementary information about SAP NetWeaver How-to Guides that have been removed from SDN in an effort to keep only the most up-to-date and relevant guides online.

Running an Enterprise Portal

How to Create an Instant Navigation Launcher Portal Application using Navigation APIs with Ajax Framework    

The Ajax Framework Page provides the JavaScript client-side Navigation API that exposes the navigation hierarchy and provides functionality to control navigation in the Portal. You can use the Navigation API to trigger and manipulate the navigation iViews and/or regular portal navigation. This guide walks you through the steps necessary to implement a basic navigation launch utility using the Navigation API. 01 Jul 2010

How to Build a Navigation Menu with the Navigation API for Ajax Framework Page   

This tutorial walks you through the steps necessary for the implementation of basic dynamic tree navigation (DTN) with the help of the Navigation API. It explains the Navigation API methods you can call to retrieve information about the current state of navigation and how you can use Navigation API to handle navigation events, such as expanding a node. 05 May 2010.

How to Change the Look And Feel of AFP Based Portal Using Theme Editor  

As a part of Corporate Branding, you may want to change the look and feel of Portal. In this guide, we will take you through the basic configurations to change the look and feel of Ajax Framework Page (AFP) based Portal. The basic configurations are enabled through standard features and tools offered with SAP NetWeaver Portal. 19 Apr 2010

Best Practices for Designing the Portal Homepage 

What takes to make a successful SAP NetWeaver Portal Implementation? The answer is very simple: rich and positive User Experience, Performance, Stability and Security, just to name a few. The very first step which leaves an impression and helps the end users to evaluate some of these critical factors is to see how much time it takes for the portal to load and render the homepage. Secondly, the number of clicks one would need to reach to the desired application or page and so on. Through this guide, we would address all those points that should be taken into consideration while creating the Portal Homepage. 24 Jan 2010.

How to Use Portal Session Notification with Your Own Custom Applications   

The SAP Enterprise Portal offers a mechanism called Session Release Notification. This feature is used by SAP applications running inside the portal to close their sessions in case the user closes the browser window, navigates away from the application or does a log-off from the SAP Portal. This How-To guide explains what you must do to accomplish this for your own custom developed applications integrated into the portal. 29 Sep 2009

How to Copy SAP Systems in a Federated Portal Network  

This guide Provides guidelines for using the SAP system copy procedures to copy SAP servers that are integrated in a federated portal network (FPN) so that functionality of remote-based content and relationships between the new systems are maintained. 15 Jul 2009

Setting Up an Environment for Testing Applications in a Federated Portal Network (SAP NetWeaver 7.0)   

This Guide Provides guidelines for setting up a basic federated portal network (FPN) environment in which you can test your portal applications. 23 Jun 2009

How to Automate Content Creation via XML (XML Content and Actions)  

Learn about the process that enables the creation of mass content without the use of standard portal wizards and editors. Advanced users can perform batch operations and make pinpoint modifications within a large content base. 22 Jun 2009

Performance Best Practices Guide for SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.0   

The Best Practices guide for SAP NetWeaver Portal provides practical as well as conceptual information to help customers improve portal performance. The guide encompasses a variety of portal-related areas, including configuration guidelines for the server and the client, portal runtime, navigation, the Portal Content Directory, as well as hardware sizing information. 22 Apr 2009

How to Apply a Custom Error Page for the "Bad User Agent" Error Message   Source: SAP  

The SAP Enterprise Portal has the possibility to restrict access to content based on the user agent type. When you access an iView or page with an unsupported user agent, you will get a standard error message from the portal runtime. This how-to guide explains what you have to do to display your own custom error message. 01 Mar 2009

How to Analyze Portal Activity with the Activity Data Collector  

This How-To Guide shows you how you can trace Portal activity with the help of the Activity Data Collector service. It furthermore gives you an example how you can analyze the data to get the unique users per day, and how you can create a HTML Report with the results. The guide applies to SAP NetWeaver '04 SPS21 and SAP NetWeaver 7.0 SPS14 and above. Download attached system files. 17 Dec 2008

How to Configure Permission for Initial Content in SAP NetWeaver Portal  

This guide provides recommendations for configuring initial permissions to enable the pre-configured portal roles to access initial content objects relevant to each role. The two main topics are security zones and portal content. 23 Oct 2008

Best Practices for Implementing a Global Portal using SAP NetWeaver Portal 

A wide range of approaches and solution architectures can be thought of and deployed to implement a Global Portal. The main objective of this guide is to get you familiarized to the best practices of implementing a Global Portal. With the help of this guide, you will be able to understand the difference between each of these approaches and solution architectures. This guide would helps you to analyze and select an approach that is best suited for your business requirements. 15 Sep 2008

How To Set Up and Use the CTS+ in a Portal Environment for SPS 13  

This guide tells you how to use the additional functions of the SAP NetWeaver Change and Transport System (CTS+, enhanced CTS) in your portal landscape. The guide applies to SAP NetWeaver 7.0 SPS13 and above. 01 Jun 2008

How to Set Up the Landscape for a Federated Portal Network 

This guide provides information about three different network scenarios involving reverse proxies. Included are descriptions and instructions that will aid IT personnel in analyzing the set-up and configuration requirements of their systems. 22 Jan 2008

How To Set Up and Use the CTS+ in a Portal Environment   

This guide tells you how to use the additional functions of the SAP NetWeaver Change and Transport System (CTS+, enhanced CTS) in your portal landscape. The guide applies to SAP NetWeaver 7.0 SPS 12. 25 Jun 2007

Enabling User Collaboration

How To Add Image Crop and Resize Capabilities in Web-based Applications   Source: SAP

This How-To Guide describes how to add image crop and resize capabilities to Web-based applications. Based on a sample application for the SAP NetWeaver Portal it is explained how the integration of a JavaScript library (client-side selection of image detail) can be done and how to crop / edit the image in Java. The provided sample application enables the user to edit its profile picture in the SAP NetWeaver Portal. Download attached system files. 31 Dec 2008

How to Hide the Room Part Folder in Collaboration Detailed Navigation   

This guide explains in detail the step-by-step procedure to hide the leaf folder in the Collaboration Detailed Navigation. It demonstrates the implementation of a scenario with the help of appropriate screenshots and also clearly mentions the limitations of this approach. 01 Mar 2008

How to Integrate a Forum into a Collaboration Room 

This guide describes how to integrate a forum into an existing room via a room part integration. 01 Jun 2008

How to Create a Room Template 

Learn to configure a room template through a step-by-step description. Room template structure and best practices are also covered. 01 Mar 2006

Enterprise Knowledge Management

How to Configure MOSS Search plug-In 

The MOSS Search plug-in is an index service implementation that federates search leveraging the Web services provided by MOSS 2007 (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007). As a result, every time users enter their search term in the standard search input field, KM's index management service consolidates all search results coming from the different index service implementations (own search engine TREX and MOSS search plug-in) and presents them in a unique way as one single search result to the end user. The following guide will describe how to configure the MOSS Search Plug-in in SAP Enterprise Portal. 03 Aug 2009.

How to Protect NW AS Java Against OOM Errors Due to Too Many UWL Items  

In some customer scenarios in the SAP NetWeaver Portal - Knowledge Management area it is required to trigger a mass-deletion of KM notifications in the Universal Worklist (UWL). By default, it is only possible to delete R/3 notifications. The guide explains how to enable / configure the mass-deletion functionality of Universal Worklist notifications. 11 May 2009.

How to Tune the Performance of Knowledge Management (KM)   

This guide provides recommendations for improving the performance of Knowledge Management (KM) in SAP NetWeaver 2004. Find information on performance-optimized KM configuration, implementation tips, and a question-and-answer section. 01 Jan 2009

How to Enable Automatic Duplicate Check for Resources in KM Repositories  

This How-To-Guide introduces a solution based on KM reporting to detect existing duplicates in a repository and either just lists them or additionally moves them to a prior specified location. Download attached PAR file. 17 Dec 2008

How to Configure the Who is Who iView   

Learn to create an iView in which users can search for other portal users and their profiles within the user persistence. This guide also describes how to configure a TREX-based user search. 16 Sep 2008

How to Create New Web Forms   

This guide describes step-by-step how to create a custom Web Form for Web Page Composer. The download package includes two demo xml/xsl files and a corresponding demo project (used for the bundle files) which can be imported into SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio. Download attached system files.  09 Jul 2008

How to Create Section-Based Page Layouts for Web Page Composer 

This guide describes step-by-step how to create a section-based page layout for Web Page Composer, which provides much more flexibility within different sections of a Web page. In addition, there's a download package (ZIP-file) which includes the page layout preview images and the corresponding demo project for SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio. Download attached system files. 15 Jan 2008

How To Create Page Layouts for Web Page Composer 

This guide describes step-by-step how to create a custom page layout for Web Page Composer, a new WCM tool for the SAP NetWeaver Portal. This download package also includes the PAR file of the corresponding demo project which can be imported into SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio. Download attached system files. 18 Nov 2007

How to Configure the Search UI   

This Guide describes how to configure the Search User Interface to meet your individual requirements. Configuration enables better customization, extensibility, modularity, and integration of custom development. 01 Apr 2007

How to Extend User Details  

This paper offers a step-by-step solution to adding a custom user attribute. 01 May 2006

How to Extract Dublin Core Metadata From Office Documents for Indexing and Searching  

This paper describes how to extract Dublin Core (DC) metadata (attributes) using TREX functions. 01 May 2006

How to Configure Anonymous Access to Knowledge Management (KM) 

This guide describes the creation of a role for anonymous access containing a Knowledge Management (KM) example. 01 Feb 2006

How to Configure Predefined Properties with Dependent Values

SAP NetWeaver Knowledge Management provides the option of using properties with interdependent values. This guide demonstrates how to integrate a new tab listing the "Country" and "City" properties in the "Details" dialog box for a document. 01 Feb 2006

How to Translate Content Management (CM) Properties by Using Resource Bundles

This guide describes the steps necessary to create language-dependant descriptions by using language bundles for metadata. These language bundles are then assigned to your properties. Also included is a step-by-step example. Download attached system files. 01 Feb 2006

How to Distribute KM Content Using ICE 

Learn about the main steps in the configuration of the ICE (Information Content Exchange) protocol. This guide covers two typical elements of an ICE scenario: the syndicator (the portal providing the documents) and the subscriber (the portal receiving the documents). 01 Jan 2006

Mobilizing Business Processes

How to Set up Additional WIN32 J2EE Engine for Setup Package Creation with MI

This guide introduces the technical requirements and details for implementing SAP Mobile Infrastructure in Single Sign-On environments. It also offers specific example scenarios. 01 Oct 2006

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