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There are two demo scenarios that will introduce the SAP-system to you. The scenarios are "the simple process of purchasing" and "a part of a process of production (table)". With the scenarios, you will work with a standard system that exists - and is functioning - in a lot of companies.

Walk through the two scenarios:


The purchasing scenario shows users how to use ERP to carry out processes in the purchasing department such as implementing an order. 

Students can learn about the important areas of daily work as a buyer and how it works within an organization.

The four process elements includes:

Important Instructions for Both Scenarios:

1. Situation / Task - The "Situation" section will show you an extract of a story of an enterprise. Every step of the process has a little story ("Situation") and a "Task." First, please read the story and then open the link "Task." Follow the questions.

2. Structure/Overview - The "structure/overview" is very important to understanding the whole process.

3. Workflow Images - Sometimes you will find diagrams which describe part of a process. This information is very helpful to understanding the SAP-System, the business processes, and the commercial contents.

4. Demonstrations - The instructions show you how to work with the SAP-System. This demonstration version provides examples of the scenario via the movies.

Normally there are instructions you can use step by step and stop where ever you like. Please note: The movies are especially created for this scenario to help provide an impression of the purchasing scenario.


SAP ERP uses Production Planning for discrete and process manufacturers. The main objective is to guarantee material availability and to ensure that procurement and production results in the required quantities for both internal purposes and for sales and distribution. 

The process involves monitoring stock to ensure the optimal service levels and to minimize cost and

capital lockup.

The SAP University Alliances - e4s - Production teaches users about:

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