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SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search

Embedded Search for SAP Applications

Every SAP application uses SAP NetWeaver as its underlying technology platform. As part of the AS ABAP the Embedded Search serves SAP Business Suite applications like for example SAP ERP, SAP CRM, SAP PLM, SAP SRM as basic search technology. Embedded search enables every SAP Business Suite application to search in a unified way inside its business objects (structured data) and assocciated file attachments (unstructured data).

Embedded Search in AS ABAP will be leveraged by the SAP Business Suite beginning with SAP Business Suite 2008. It will feature rich out-of-the-box business content as well as the tools to create and modify search models. The capabilities of Embedded Search are limited to indexing and searching within a single SAP system (single SID). To extend the reach of searches across two or more systems, SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search is necessary.

Embedded Search is the Enterprise Search component in the AS ABAP. It may be reffered to as Enterprise Search (ABAP) in the documentation of SAP Business Suite applications.

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