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SAP Industry Solutions - Point of Sale (IS-POS)

SAP Integration Scenario

Certification for this integration scenario with the most recent version of SAP solutions is available only upon request, if SAP resources are available. Please contact or for more information.

IS-POS provides intermediate document (IDoc) types that support retail processes between a central SAP Retail system and local in-store point-of-sale (POS) systems, which are connected to each other via POS converter middleware. The converter middleware, located in the company's head office, handles the communication between the head office and the stores and transforms the data protocols of IDoc interface and POS system's interface to each other. A basic scenario includes providing of master data from SAP Retail to the POS systems (Outbound from SAP Retail) and processing of sales transactions after the store's daily closure into SAP Retail (Inbound into SAP Retail).

Certification scope:

As SAP can only certify the direct interface to its SAP for Retail solution, the POS converter middleware is subject to certification and not the POS system.

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