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FAQ - Business Explorer Web Printing and Export

Where can I get an overview on what is possible and not possible with Printing & Export functionality?

Please check the documentation and note 1052659.

What are the prerequisites for using BEx Web printing?

The usage type BI Java (that contains the usage types AS Java and EP) are required. To create PDF files, the Adobe Document Service (ADS) has to be installed. ADS is integrated in AS Java. For a full overview on all usage types required for the scenario, see the Masterguide. To view the the PDF files on the clients PC or laptop, the installation of the Adobe Acrobat Reader software is required.

Is the installation of the Adobe Acrobat Reader software required to use the printing functions?

No. It is only required if a user should have the option to view the PDF file. If it only should be printed, it is not necessary.

Do I have to install the ADS on the same box as SAP NetWeaver 7.0 BI, or do I need a different box?

Both options are possible.

How many pages can I print?

Currently the limit of ADS-based PDF Printing is approximately 400 pages. Please note that if you print 400 pages the printing can take up to one hour.

How can I print a BEx Web Application?

To print a BEx Web Application, a user could use the context menu Print Version or insert a Web item like a button or hyperlink that allows starting the print dialog. Please note that not all web items can be printed and please note that there is no WYSIWYG Printing. Printable Web Items are always printed underneath each other. Refer to documentation for details.

Can I Print a Report Item that is embedded into a BEx Web Application?

Principally yes but please note that the settings that you choose in the printing dialog are not necessary affecting the Report Item The following rules apply: Report Item owns its export, that means:

  • Export settings in dialog or command are ignored for the report item, especially layout strategy, page sizes, margins, theme.
  • If a Report Item exists in the template, then an explicit page break is performed before and after the Report Item is exported (printed).
  • The Report Item is printed according to the page setup defined in Report Designer.
  • Page sizes are defined in the report itself. Other pages in export have size defined in the dialog or command.
  • Fit to page has no effect if a report item is part of export.

Can printing settings for Web Applications be pre-defined?

Yes, via command wizard for, e.g. a button or link.

How can I print a BEx Report?

BEx Reports can be printed directly from the BEx Report Designer or after launching them to the Web using a Web item Report.

Is it possible to enter settings for the header and footer in the print dialog?


What about scheduling options for printing?

Printing can be scheduled using the BEx Broadcaster.

Can I broadcast a PDF file?


Is there a Right-To-Left support for languages such as Hebrew?

No, Export/Printing services do not support RTL.

How can I keep the layout when Printing from BEx Web?

You can use the Report Item for this. The Report Item can handle a more sophisticated export, such that all layout info from Report Designer is retained. However, the Report Item itself defines the page setup. This leads to some differences in regard to the export of other web items:

  1. It is necessary to have page breaks before and after the report item, i.e. the Report Item is exported separately.
  2. The Report Item cannot be shrinked or stretched, i.e. the print options 'Fit to page', 'Wallpaper', etc. are not supported.

Which are the different 'Print/Export' scenarios that I have to know?

  1. Export a Web Template, where retaining layout info is not a priority (i.e. the web items are placed one beneath the other).
  2. Export only single Web Items using e.g. a parametrized print 'command' button.
  3. Use a Report Item without any other web item. A Report Item can contain more than one dataprovider. As of Stack 11 it is possible to embed BI Charts into a Report Item. (The Chart item is the only web item that can be embedded into a Report Item.) You need to make sure that the page setup fits the paper size of your printer.

Is there a WYSIWYG Export/Print?

Apart from the possibilities that you have with the single Report Item print/export there is no WYSIWYG.

As the WYSIWYG export is not available for complete BEx Web Applications with several items, you might consider a 3rd party plugin for the browser (pdf converter), that allows to print the Web page as you see it on the computer screen.

Please note the resulting restrictions from this procedure:

  1. Broadcasting is not available in this case
  2. Repetition of Column/Row Headers on each page or 'semantic' page breaks (e.g. for group level changes) cannot be performed by 3rd party tools.

You may also consider to use a Web Browser that suppots 'Page Preview', where the Web page can be resized, e.g. 'Fit to page' (For example I.E. 7.0). Same restrictions as above apply.

If printing a BEx Web application or BEx Enterprise Report, is there a way to add a company logo into the header via the print/export dialog?

Currently not, but this feature is planned. Please look into the Functional Enhancements Schedule BI in NetWeaver 7.0 for further details.

Can I export a BEx Web Application to Excel?

To export a BEx Web Application, a user could use the context menu 'Export to Microsoft Excel' or insert a Web item like a button or hyperlink that allows starting the export dialog. Note that not all web items can be exported to Excel and note that there is no WYSIWYG exporting. Exportable Web Items are always exported underneath each other. Note that the alternative Excel 2000 compatible Excel Export does not support export of images, e.g. charts or maps. Refer to documentation for details.

If I print an entire BEX Web Application, can I keep the layout?

No - BEx Web Application Export to either PDF or Excel loses layout info, such that web items are placed one beneath the other.

Can I print/export documents that are attached to meta-, master- or transactional data together with a BEx Web Application or BEx Report?

No. This is currently not supported.

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