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New Features

  • MI Server is an integrated part of the Netweaver Application Server
    Benefit: Simplified installation and Lifecycle Management  
  • Extended authorization concept in multi-user environments
    Benefit: Users of mobile applications can get different authorization to access data.  
  • Central Alert Infrastructure for SAP MI integrated into CCMS
    Benefit: Saves costs and time for the administrator to monitor and detect problem situations within the Mobile Infrastructure of your IT Landscape proactively  
  • Central Tracing and Monitoring capabilities for remote devices and all instances of Mobile Infrastructure as part of CCMSBenefit: Saves costs and time for the administrator to monitor and Analise problem situations on remote mobile devices.  
  • User Localization
    Benefit: End-Users of mobile applications located in different time zones have their data always localized  
  • Simplified Software Logistics for Standard Mobile Application Development
    Benefit: Integrated and reliable development process aligned to the SAP standard software logistic tools  
  • Framework for Device Driver support
    Benefit: Extend mobile business processes with input/output capabilities, like printing, RFID or scanning, on your mobile device.  
  • Unicode platforms are now supported
    Benefit: Unicode Backend Systems can be connected  
  • NetWeaver Mobile Administrator
    Benefit: A single centralized mobile administration  
  • Setup Packages
    Benefit: The user does not have to download all the mobile components, parameter sets, and application data to the mobile device  
  • ABAP Sync Service
    Benefit: Fast Data sync  
  • Configuration Agents
    Benefit: Allows you to set or retrieve values of specific attributes of a client device  
  • Single-Sign On Support
    Benefit: Saves Time  
  • Configuration Templates Benefit: Predefined instance configuration for specific scenarios

In principle, this release has a similar same feature level as Mobile Infrastructure in SAP NetWeaver 2004. E.g. MI in NW2004 SP18 is equal to MI in NW 2004s SP09.

Continuous Improvements

SAP NetWeaver 2004s and SAP NetWeaver 2004 SPS13 onwards contain significant product enhancements for mass-device operation. Major achievements are for example:

  • MI Client Performance  
  • Data Synchronization  
  • Administration  
  • MI Client Upgrade  
  • Improved MI Client response time and increased data inbound processing Less MI Client memory consumption  
  • Reduced network traffic  
  • New Device Management  
  • Improved Software Deployment

All improvements are 100% downward compatible with the existing mobile applications. The product improvements will be continued based on the ongoing feedback from SAP’s customer and partner community.

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