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Help Center for Applications of the SAP Business Suite


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    h2. Enabling Companies to Publish Process-Specific Knowledge at the User Workplace

    !/irj/sdn/go/portal/prtroot/docs/webcontent/uuid/5f806843-0b01-0010-66b4-f6ac76e44074|height=70|alt=ALT|width=88|class=featureimageleft|src=/irj/sdn/go/portal/prtroot/docs/webcontent/uuid/5f806843-0b01-0010-66b4-f6ac76e44074|mce_src=/irj/sdn/go/portal/prtroot/docs/webcontent/uuid/5f806843-0b01-0010-66b4-f6ac76e44074!The Help Center enables companies to provide users with process-specific knowledge as they are working with SAP business applications. Shipped with the SAP NetWeaver platform, the Help Center is part of SAP's Business Suite Foundation, the initiative to increase user productivity and to drive down companies' total cost of ownership.

        Get to Know the Help Center

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      <a href="" target="_self" title="">Help Center in a Nutshell</a>

      This one pager explains the motivation behind the development of the Help Center, and describes its specifics, functions and benefits.

      <a href="" target="_self" title="">Help Center User Demo</a>

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      Watch a short Help Center demo to see how a user can take personal notes and make use of the context-specific information provided by a power user.

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      The Help Center is tailored to different application types running either in an SAP system or in the portal. Read more...

      Roadmap, Status and Outlook

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      As part of the SAP NetWeaver platform the Help Center is available for SAP Business Suite applications only within associated releases. For more information see  the link above.

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      The Help Center can be used with most of the SAP Business Suite applications. Find out which use cases are covered.

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      Development is ongoing. Read about the plans for future Help Center versions.

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