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CRM, SCM and SRM Applications

SAP Business by Design

The on-demand CRM solution in Business ByDesign from SAP is a small business solution that can align processes and metrics to accelerate time to revenue, shorten the sales cycle, increase win rates, and ensure customer loyalty. While the SAP Business ByDesign Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) solution can strengthen your relationships with suppliers and improve your procurement processes to reduce costs and turn suppliers into a competitive advantage.  The on-demand Supply Chain Management (SCM) application within Business ByDesign can help build an efficient supply chain so you can respond quickly to changing markets.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Lead Management: The Campaign-to-Quote Process    (Video 4:57 min)
This video demonstrates the marketing and sales management functionality in SAP Business ByDesign and how it helps companies manage marketing campaigns, hand leads off to sales, and manage opportunities through to customer quotations.

Opportunity Management: Improving Sales Effectiveness    (Video 5:10 min)
This video demonstrates the opportunity management functionality in SAP Business ByDesign and how it helps companies to manage leads, sales opportunities, quotes, and customer orders.

Field Service Management: Manage & Expedite Customer Service Requests    (Video 4:20 min)
This video demonstrated the customer service functionality in SAP Business ByDesign and how it helps both help desk and field service professionals stay on top of service requests, and complete field service requests efficiently and in a timely manner.

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Order to Cash Process: Manage End-to-End Cross-Departmental Processes    (Video 4:39 min)
This video demonstrates how SAP Business ByDesign order to cash capabilities enable end-to-end processes that cross organizational boundaries, such as sales, fulfillment, customer invoicing and accounts receivable. This helps SMEs achieve higher customer satisfaction, greater efficiency and stronger cash flow.

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

Self-Service Procurement: Empowering Employees    (Video 4:39 min)
This video shows a demonstration of SAP Business ByDesign's self-service procurement functionality and how it helps employees obtain the supplies they need, obtain their manager's approval, hand off the process to the Procurement department, and streamline efforts to obtain the supplies they need at the best price.

Supplier Invoicing    (Video 4:31 min)
Learn how SAP Business ByDesign streamlines supplier invoicing from good receipts to invoice processing, variance validation and approvals, you'll see how workflows and robust accounting trails make invoice processing quick and compliant.

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