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SAP Spend Performance Management

SAP Spend Performance Management - Implementation Considerations

Getting started

An implementation typically begins with the blueprinting exercise. Blueprinting for Spend Performance Management (Requirements Gathering) and planning the implementation project are the primary deliverables of this exercise.

How do I understand the architecture?

Spend Performance Management is a new generation analytical application created with proven SAP technologies. The backend of the application sits on top of standard BW, that's where the data model gets deployed. The user experience is managed through the Adobe Flash based rich client user interface.

The reliance of the application on standard BW allows our customer to leverage the in-house IT investments or implementation partner expertise on the long standing BW technologies.

For additional details of the please read the blog, "Spend Performance Management Architecture".

How do I assess the hardware requirements?

Whether it's a standalone installation or its being installed on an existing BW system which already serves other analytical needs, hardware sizing for Spend needs to be conducted.

There is a Spend specific Quick Sizer tool. The details of this process and the actual note which explains how to use it can be found in the blog, "Hardware Sizing for Spend Performance Management".

Where does the application get the data it needs for its analysis?

Spend Performance Management can bring in data from SAP Business Suite (ERP versions 4.6C to ECC 6.0), SRM (versions 5.0 and 7.0) and SAP eSourcing.

For details, please visit the blog, "FAQ: Extracting Data for Spend Performance Management".

How do I load the data into the application?

Spend Performance Management comes with its own data management tool which can be accessed from its own user interface.

For additional information check the documentation:

This is an analytical application, how do I tune the performance?

A lot of performance tuning for Spend, not surprisingly, revolves around tuning the usual suspects DB, BW, java/j2ee. Correct Hardware sizing also goes a long way.

For more details read the blog on Performance for Spend Performance Management.

Is there any additional information on SDN?

These resources should help give you a better understanding of how to configure SAP Spend Performance Management:

I am already on a lower release of Spend, how do I upgrade?

The upgrade path to carry over all of the reports dashboards and other information to the 2.1 release is explained in the document "Upgrade Master Guide" in Service Marketplace (login required).

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