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SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse Nearline Storage - NW-BW-NLS 7.30


SAP Integration Scenario

"New certifications for this integration scenario are no longer possible. A follow up integration scenario is currently in a planning phase"."Please contact or for more information."

Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) is a combination of processes and technologies whose goal is to provide the right information at the right time and place with the lowest possible costs over the required life time of the data.An archive is one area where any kind of application data can reside, beside ERP and BI databases. ILM manages the transition between ERP data bases, BW data bases and archive systems to achieve the described goals.

Nearline Storage (NLS) is a new category of data persistency that is similar to archiving. The overall goal is to take read-only data out of the database system and to put it on a cheaper and normally slightly slower devices (normally file systems or normal database) without loosing the ability for direct access the data for analysis and ETL purposes. Therefore, NLS providers typically display NLS data in SQL interfaces: wherever the data resides, whatever format it might have, and how high the compression rates might be.

Thus, one definite benefit of NLS is a lower TCO for customers.

Other aspects like compliance or legal requirements to keep historical data available for longer time frames are not a motivation for NLS. However, NLS providers sometimes additionally display separate interfaces for archive standards.

SAP provides a NLS interface in form of an ABAP class with several methods that realize the necessary functionality around an Archive and an NLS scenario. Based on these components, partners have to develop their ABAP coding within their own namespace to interact with their home grown software solutions. The third party solutions will have to pass a certification scenario at the end. SAP customers who want to implement NLS based archiving projects will have to license the partner products, which are mainly pure software solutions.

Note: For a list of already certified integrations for this integration scenario please visit the SAP Application Development partner directory and use the search functions in the tab "solution".

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