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Documentation and Troubleshooting

Unicode Conversion Documentation Sources

Documentation for TU&UC Approach

Twin Upgrade & Unicode Conversion Guide: SAP Note 959698.

Running a conversion project requires several documentation types. It depends not only on the code page settings of the non-Unicode system, but also on whether you would like to switch to another platform during the conversion (heterogeneous system copy) or convert your system as part of an upgrade (CU&UC or TU&UC). Please note that the documentation listed in the sections below covers only the Unicode Conversion part. As each Unicode Conversion project includes a System Copy, you needa System Copy Guide and an Installation Guide, too. For CU&UC and TU&UC,an Upgrade Guide is required in addition to that.

Avoid problems in the first place by reading the documentation completely before you start. In the Unicode Conversion Guides you will find information about which additional document is required and at which point of time you need to switch.

Documentation for Single Code Page Systems

Single Code Page Conversion Guides: SAP Note 1051576.

Documentation for MDMP and Blended Code Page Systems

MDMP Conversion Guides: SAP Note 551344.


Unicode Conversion Troubleshooting Guide: SAP Note 765475. This document  is valild for 'normal' Unicode conversions (UC), CU&UC and TU&UC. Follow the questions from the top to find out which subsection is relevant for your problem. Then follow the description in the subsection.

Unicode Conversion Overview Guide

Documentation for CU&UC Approach

Combined Upgrade & Unicode Conversion Guides: SAP Note 928729.

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