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SAP NetWeaver AS - Functional Testing Tool Integration with SAP GUI for MS Windows 6.40 (BC-TEST GUI)

SAP Integration Scenario

Certification for this integration scenario with the most recent version of SAP solutions is available only upon request, if SAP resources are available. Please contact or for more information.

The BC-TEST-GUI 6.40 scenario enables third-party vendors to integrate functional test tools with SAP GUI for Windows 6.40. The goal of the integration is to enable functional testing tools to test SAP GUI based SAP business applications. By integrating with SAP GUI, the tools emulate an end user's interaction with the system. This ensures that the automated test executes the same system functions that the end users work with, making the test a valid alternative to costly manual tests.

The integration is based on the SAP GUI Scripting API, which is part of SAP GUI for Windows 6.40. Documentation on the API is available on the service market place. For advanced use cases the BC-eCATT scenario is available, which includes the integration with SAP's test tool eCATT.

The functional testing tool can create a test case by recording the COM events that SAP GUI Scripting fires for this purpose. Alternatively the test tool can also allow the user to manually specify which elements of the user interface the test case should modify.

Test case execution When the test case is executed the functional testing tool automates SAP GUI using the Scripting API. The previously created test script is executed and emulates the end user's interaction with the system. At the same time the functional testing tool may allow the validation of the execution's correctness, for example through check points.

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