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Purchase Order: Task Information

The information provided below will help you create an order to ZIEHER & Sons Ltd. (see learning situation!) in the SAP-system.

Sales Order Document SAP

See picture below for an example of an order form in the SAP-system.
Create Purchase Order 1
All parts of the form are closed.A form or an receipt usually has 3 categories in ERP-systems - (ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning) - as you can see in the picture above: the header, the item overview and item. By clicking on each category in the SAP-system you can open or close the respective category.Here you can see the open header:
Create Purchase Order 2

Stock / Requirements List

The stock / requirements list is one of the most important tools for requirements planning and, thus, for the Purchasing department. It is responsible for ensuring that the appropriate quantity of goods is available at the right time.The stock / requirements list shows you the available quantities. It is dynamic (which means that it is constantly adjusted to the current situation). Among other things, you can use the list to find out whether purchase requisitions, purchase orders, sales orders, and deliveries have already been created.The figure below shows a stock/requirements list. You can see that the current stock level (always shown in blue) is "4000." We will now sort the stock by date and calculate. The system shows:
  • A purchase order for 3,500 items (PO item = purchase order delivery schedule line)
  • A purchase requisition for 2,500 items (PurRqs = purchase requisition)
  • A sales order for 10,000 items (CusOrd = sales order)

Stock Requirements List

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