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Selected Support Package Releases of SAP Business Warehouse

SAP BWNews - Summary Notes

The release dates for the  Support Package Stacks can be found in the Support Package Stack Schedule (SMP login required).

Which Support Package is recommended for BW-customers?

To assist SAP in providing an optimal level of support it is important for the customer system to be up to date. For this, SAP recommends running the latest BW frontend patch, the latest BW Add-on Support Package and the latest (or latest – 1) BW support Package available on the SAP service marketplace.

While non-ABAP corrections are only shipped with (cumulative) patches APAP-corrections are available through SNOTE. In general, SNOTE corrections are only available for 3 Support Packages after the correction is released.

If multiple SNOTE corrections are required and are available in the latest Support Package, consider upgrading to the latest Support Package. This is strongly recommended as Support Packages;

  • Are validated (in contrast to a single correction), reducing the risk of side-effects
  • Provide a well-defined and transparent code level
  • Can, in general, be imported easily in comparison to huge corrections via SNOTE which may contain a number of SNOTE dependencies and or manual corrections.
  • May include other corrections which would be relevant to the system sooner or later (a proactive rather than reactive measure).  Including:
    • fixes for security issues which were rated low or medium
    • or prerequisite fixes for a different fix

At a minimum, customers should update the BW system at least once a year as solutions of “priority high/very high” security issues are not provided for Support Packages older than one year.

The below linked SAP BW ABAP Support Package pages are listing

  • the SAP BWNews Note numbers
  • the according SAP NW stacks
  • further SP relevant information

for relevant SAP NetWeaver BW releases.

To customers who power their SAP BW  with SAP HANA, we  recommend to apply the latest SP for SAP BW  and the latest SAP HANA Revision.
The latest SP for SAP BW can be found on the SAP BW 7.3  ABAP Support Packages page, SAP BW 7.31 ABAP Support Packages page and SAP BW 7.4  ABAP Support Packages page.

For the latest SAP HANA Revision please visit the SAP Software Distribution Center.

SAP Business Warehouse 7.5

SAP Business Warehouse  7.4

SAP Business Warehouse 7.31 (EnhP1 for SAP NetWeaver 7.3):

SAP Business Warehouse 7.3

SAP Business Warehouse  7.0

SAP Business Warehouse 7.01 (EnhP1 for SAP NetWeaver 7.0):

SAP Business Warehouse 2004 /BW 3.5

SAP Business Warehause Accelerator Revisions

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