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Getting Started with SAP Landscape Design and Architecture

After having determined the processes you require and which installable software units (such as systems with usage types, standalone engines, and clients) are required for these processes, you determine the layout of your system landscape as part of the overall landscape design and architecture. That is, you decide how many systems you require and how you want to use each of these systems.

For this step, you have to consider many aspects and landscape rules to decide if you want to bundle functions inside a system or distribute them to different systems. For example, dependencies between usage types, interoperability of hubs, maintenance and operation of your system landscape, and security play an important role to determine a landscape layout that fits your individual requirements.

Getting Started

SAP NetWeaver System Landscapes                 

This presentation explains the building blocks of SAP NetWeaver, the steps to determine SAP NetWeaver Landscapes, and general SAP NetWeaver landscape aspects and strategies.

How To... Design a SAP NetWeaver - Based System Landscape                 

This RIG How-To guide explains the SAP NetWeaver landscape design in detail. You get an overview about deployment options (for example, server virtualization, MCOD and bundling of usage types) and how you can a design a system landscape that fits your specific needs. The most important decision factors are explained to give you a guidance in your landscape planning process.

More on Solution Landscape Layout

Master Guide - SAP NetWeaver 7.0 (SMP login required)

The Master Guide provides a starting point for the implementation of SAP NetWeaver. It contains information about building blocks of SAP NetWeaver, central administration services (such as SAP Solution Manager and SAP NetWeaver Administrator), and both general and IT-scenario-specific information about landscape layouts.

Release and SP Stack Interdependencies of SAP NetWeaver 7.0 Systems  

This blog provides information about the interoperability of SAP NetWeaver systems - the ability of central SAP NetWeaver 7.0 systems to work together with connected systems based on SAP NetWeaver that have a different support package level or even a different release than the central systems.

The Paradox of Choice for the Sys Admin...  

Senior consultant for SAP NetWeaver RIG Matt Kangas outlines in this blog the pros and cons of combining or separating systems.

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