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Getting Started With Mill Products & Mining



SAP for Mill Products & Mining provides solution support through the full value chain for mining, primary metals, fabricated metals, forestry, paper, packaging, building materials, textiles, and furniture.

Shaped by Challenges

As mill products and mining industries are steered by market trends and forces, companies face common challenges, including how to maximize asset utilization and best manage volatile raw materials and energy costs. All these industries rely on product definitions based on attributes and characteristics, rather than simply on part numbers. This additional layer of complexity in manufacturing and supply chains demands best-in-class solutions. In addition to addressing these challenges, there are some other specific industry challenges that SAP solves by segment.


Mining consists of multiple functional areas, each with its own set of challenges. Mining operations, for example, must address the often opposing challenges of optimizing processes to reduce production costs, ensuring regulatory compliance to avoid government fines, and committing to sustainability to maintain brand image. The SAP for Mining solution portfolio enables you to meet the specific challenges of the mining industry - by helping you manage your assets and operations and leverage global supply chain networks. As a result, you can increase profitability and improve the effectiveness of customer service. The portfolio includes applications from the SAP Business Suite family of solutions that are designed to help you manage your business more efficiently.

Primary Metals

A rapidly changing business environment presents today's primary metals companies with an assortment of conflicts. Higher product demand is accompanied by higher costs for raw material and energy. Mergers and acquisitions extend a company's reach around the globe while transforming its supply chain into a supply network with multiple paths for meeting customer demand. Product specialization intended to combat increased competition increases the need for additional services. SAP solutions for primary metals can help your company address a spectrum of business processes - from collaborative product design through manufacturing and sales - as well as internal financial and success controls. Our solutions offer a range of functionalities, giving you the flexibility to run your business the way you want, and giving your business the stability to respond to change without disruption of sensitive business processes.

Fabricated Metals

Complexity is a hallmark of doing business in today's fabricated metals industry. Responding to variable global demands. Managing multiple product lines representing a broad range of finished goods. Adding new options to existing product lines while designing new lines. But even though your business is complex, running your business doesn't have to be - not with SAP solutions for fabricated metal products. SAP solutions for fabricated metal products support a variety of manufacturing models, including make-to-stock, make-to-order, and mixed mode. And whether your company consists of a single site or multiple sites, SAP solutions deepen vertical integration of shop-floor processes with the rest of your company's manufacturing and distribution environments.

Solid Wood & Timberlands

Forest companies compete in a true global market, where keeping customers satisfied is the key to making and keeping business profitable. And it's no secret that the key to achieving high-level customer satisfaction is to supply what your customers need when they need it. To forest companies, this means having the ability to effectively manage every aspect of the supply chain - from fiber supply, through manufacturing, to customer delivery. Specifically, SAP solutions target your need to provide wood product in various forms. Your sawmills can produce and supply finished wood product ready for shipment to customers, or wood fiber ready for shipment to pulp-and-paper or engineered-wood facilities. To you, this means source-material planning and consumption that ensures timely output of both products. And to SAP, it means providing solutions that recognize the production and supply of wood product, in any form, as part of an end-to-end, integrated supply chain - from forest to customer.

Pulp & Paper

Constantly changing demand, custom specification, increased market competition, higher costs for raw materials, energy and transportation. These are just a few in a growing array of business complexities facing today's pulp and paper companies. The SAP Business Suite family of applications includes a complete range of functionality for supporting a host of industry-specific processes, including sales, production, transportation planning, asset management, as well as for supporting administrative processes associated with financial and human resources.


Used the world over to protect, move, and store a multitude of products, packaging comes in a multitude of materials - corrugated containerboard, boxboard, folding paperboard, aluminum foil, foamed plastics, bubble wrap, and, even, glass. And although common packaging bears the distinction as one of the world's most-used commodity products, packaging products are hardly common. Each is unique in material, size, construction, color, and labeling. SAP provides business management solutions that help packaging companies optimize production and supply chains. Not only can SAP help your business overcome impediments that often stall optimization efforts - a complex, heterogeneous IT landscape built from a collection of legacy mill and manufacturing processes combined with homegrown and custom applications - but it offers solutions that target your industry's specific processes.

Building Materials & Components

Successful building materials companies that produce cement, aggregates, roofing, and plasterboard work in a cyclical and increasingly innovation-driven industry. SAP for Mill Products solutions can help building materials producers drive sustained profitability by enabling greater operational flexibility and efficiency, while providing a basis to accelerate time to market for new products. SAP business management solutions ranging from enterprise resource planning (ERP) to innovative solutions that address key individual business processes, represent an investment in competitive advantage. SAP solutions provide the support you need to streamline activities - from procurement through production to sales, order management, distribution, and transportation. And because all SAP solutions are integrated, everyone in a company can collaborate and work together to accelerate deliveries, manage and control costs, and maximize revenue opportunities.


Today's furniture manufacturers face a multitude of new business complexities. Product demands span a broad spectrum - from commoditized to highly customized products. Customer demands are ever-changing - while competition from low-cost markets is ever-growing. Creating brand differentiation is more dependent than ever on customer service and sales effectiveness. And market leadership and growth is more dependent than ever on understanding customer needs and providing the products and services to meet them. SAP can help you meet these challenges. SAP for Mill Products is a comprehensive set of solutions that enable business processes across the entire mill products enterprise. It incorporates key capabilities designed to enable furniture manufacturers to control costs and optimize business processes ranging from supply chain planning and procurement to distribution and order management.

Textiles & Woven Materials

Although textiles companies produce a variety of diverse products - from high tech synthetic yarns to wool fabrics, and cotton linen to diapers - they share the same challenges of increased globalization, intensive supplier and sales markets, and outsourcing. To overcome these challenges and succeed in today's market, textiles companies are increasing integration of their supply chains and maintaining operational costs under strict control. Based on a flexible and open infrastructure, SAP solutions for textiles can help you run your integrated business processes beyond today's boundaries - from collaborative product design to manufacturing, sales, and financial and internal success controls.

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