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SAP Business One SDK DI API

The Data Interface API (DI API) is part of the SAP Business One Software Development Kit (SDK). The DI API contains objects and methods that enable developers to read, write, update, and remove data objects on the database level.

With the DI API, business partners can:

Link their existing solutions "as-is" to SAP Business One, Extend the functionality of SAP Business One for missing industry-specific functionality, and Adapt the functionality of SAP Business One to fit their customers' needs.


DI API Properties and Database Tables/Fields Matching for B1 8.8 PL12                 

This XML file describes the relations between property names and the relative dataBase fields for SAP Business One 8.8 PL12 version.

Using the SBO SP Transaction Notification Stored Procedure               

This article explains how to use the SBO SP Transaction Notification stored procedure to receive notification of a data-driven event in SAP® Business One. The code samples included in the article can be downloaded separately.

API DataBase Field Mapping DI 6.7 52-3                  

This document applies to SAP Business One version 6.7052 and describes the relations between property names and the relative database fields.

Data Level Integration with SAP Business One SDK              

This article shows the basic mechanisms provided by SAP Business One SDK to support data-level integration to a SAP Business One system, together with a few generic scenarios and possible approaches.

How to Auto-Increment Business Partner Code for SAP Business One                

This article includes two proposed solutions for setting up SAP Business One to calculate the card code for new Business Partners automatically.

Using JournalEntries and JournalVouchers Objects in SAP Business One 6.5                  

This article explains how to use the Journal Entries and Journal Vouchers objects from a tab-delimited text file into SAP® Business One. A sample application is also included.


Importing Alternative items into SAP B1  

This blog would give some tips to handle a missing functionality of DTW: Migrate/Import Alternative Items into SAP B1. This sample using code examples from SDK Help Center to build up a VBA application for importing the Alternative items.

How to Execute Custom Code via SP_TransactionNotification  

if you wanted to know Is It possible to execute custom code via SP_TransactionNotification procedure? Basically the answer is Yes. Learn more in this blog.

How to send an Email with attachment via the DI API  

In this blog Lisa Mulchinock will demonstrate how to send an email with an attachment via the DI

How to help find a possible source of a DI Performance Issue  

In this blog Lisa Mulchinock will highlight some steps and some tools you can utilise to help you identify the performance issue.

How to use macros to import/update data for DI objects not yet exposed via the DTW e.g. UDO tables.  

Learn how to utilise macros to allow you to import data into your Business One database.

How to solve errors you get when connecting to the DI API/DTW.  

When you connect to the DI you may get errors such as "-111 Connection to SBO-Common failed", "100000001: Connection to License Server failed", etc. In this blog Lisa Mulchinock will show you the checks you can do to find the root cause of the issue and solve it yourself.

The SP_TransactionNotification Stored Procedure  

The SP_TransactionNotification is a really useful and easy way to do data validation in Business One. Lisa Mulchinock's blog describes what it is and how you can implement it in your business processes.

UDO Access via DI API (in PL46)  

One of the biggest changes in the DI API is the GeneralService, which enables you to access and update UDO data via the DI API. This feature was added to PL46 of 2007 A, which was released the last week of January.


SAP Business One DI Event Service                    

This article describes how to define and implement a DI Event Service that runs on top of the existing SAP Business One SDK interfaces. This service will provide notification of events related to SAP Business One DI API objects through a listener-based interface.

Business One Web Services wrapper  

The SAP Business One SDK provides several programming interfaces to build solutions on top of the SAP Business One application. In this document we will present a wrapper, called B1 Web Service (B1WS) that makes easier and quicker to develop add-ons based on the DI Server.

Code Samples

Add-on Technical Demo for SAP Business One                   

This code sample, written in Visual Basic .NET, shows how to connect to SAP Business One. It includes how to add a menu, how to include multilingual forms, how to add controls via code, and how to add a form via XML in SAP Business One. It also provides a framework for add-on development and form development.

Add-on Tehcnical Demo v2 for SAP Business One 2005                  

The version 2 has been upgraded to 2005 using the new object of the SDK. It includes most of the 2004 and 2005 UI SAP samples. It also includes: UDO sample and the same form hard coding and how to create modal form (on the application, and on its father form).

SAP Business One SDK DI API Samples                

This article includes several samples of code for the SAP Business One Software Development Kit (SDK) for Visual Basic 6.0 and Visual Basic .NET development environments. The samples demonstrate typical work with the DI API, which enables SAP Business Partners to enhance and extend SAP Business One as well as integrate external solutions.

TechEd Summit 2005 SDK Features Demo               

This code sample, which was shown at the 2005 Tech Summit, shows how to work with forms by using SAP Business One SDK. It includes code samples that demonstrate how to download a form designed by using Screen Painter (.srf format), use Grids, use Data Tables, use Choose From Lists, work with events, and add menus on a Right Click event.

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