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Conversion Completion with SUMG

MDMP Systems only

After the conversion of an MDMP or an Ambiguous Blended Code Page System, it is required to perform a couple of completion Steps in a different transaction named SUMG.

MDMP Systems only

After the actual Unicode 'conversion' part during the database export is finished, you need to run transaction SUMG to finalize the MDMP system conversion process. Basically, you check the conversion for each table row, where R3load has not been able to determine the language assignment without doubt. For Single Code Page Systems, this part is not required.

1. You upload the R3load log XML files. These files contain all tables and data records that have to be processed in SUMG. After upload the SUMG worklist is filled and the data records that must be postprocessed for all the tables in this worklist are classified.

2. Then go through what is called Automatical Repair. The Automatical Repair uses the Reprocess Log created and maintained in SPUMG before. This step is necessary because R3load cannot access the Reprocess Log for performance reasons. However, if R3load detects the same problem as the Reprocess scan, it stores this information in an XML file (see 1.). The Automatical Repair will use this information from the Reprocess Log then to convert the data once again in the Unicode system.

3. Finally, you can use the Manual Repair Methods (e.g. Repair Hints) to process table content which is still not correctly converted; data records, for example, which had been created in SPUMG after the Reprocess scan or which had not been maintained in the Reprocess Log. You can also manually repair table rows later when the Conversion Completion is finished.

Note: This is only an overview. For details, please read the Conversion Completion section in the relevant Unicode Conversion Guide (SAP Note 551344).

Unicode Conversion Overview Guide

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