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Composite Processes

SAP NetWeaver provides capabilities for modeling business processes at different levels of abstraction. Conceptual process modeling sustains large-scale business process analysis projects, which drive process harmonization and standardization and aim for a high degree of process excellence. Although this works very well for the stable core of the organization, the need to integrate with individuals, business partners and third-party systems, and above all to remain innovative, requires agile methods for supporting the translation of functional business requirements into the technical specifications of process execution. SAP NetWeaver supports unstructured collaborative workflows, as well as highly-structured integration processes for service orchestration. At the heart of Enterprise SOA, the ESR (Enterprise Services Repository) exposes application core processes using modeled process components and enterprise services that act as key artifacts to compose new process innovation at the edge.

Human-Centric Process

Human-centric processes focus primarily on highly collaborative cross-organizational and cross-system process types: They combine user activities with service-enabled automated activities. SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment already supports this capability thus leveraging Guided Procedures. 

Upcoming releases of the SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment will introduce a new BPM solution to model, execute, and monitor composite business processes using BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation).

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System-Centric Process

System-centric processes support system-to-system (S2S) and system-to-human (S2H) interaction types: They are implemented to define, control, and monitor complex integration scenarios that reach beyond application systems or enterprise boundaries. Integration processes are used to handle processes within the context of service orchestration. An integration process is an executable, cross-system process.

Cross-Component Business Process Management (ccBPM) handles those types of processes where the message flow between different business applications is dependent upon many factors, such as other messages, time, or business actions or reactions. Interdependencies can be defined using an internal state derived from the content of incoming messages. Messages belonging to one process instance are identified by correlations as common denominators on the basis of the message content (for example, a purchase order, an advanced shipping notification, a confirmation or an invoice in a procurement process by using the order ID in combination with the business partner ID and/or the company code).

SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (PI) enables cross-component process management. The graphical process editor is an integral part of SAP NetWeaver PI’s Integration Builder. Integration processes are objects of the Enterprise Services Repository (Integration Repository) and the Integration Directory and are integrated with Process Integration scenarios and all other repository (and directory) objects. The delivery and usage of process templates is supported. These templates act as integration blueprints and patterns and need to be implemented and deployed by the customer. At runtime, business processes are executed by the Business Process Engine (BPE), an integral part of SAP NetWeaver PI’s Integration Server. For the execution of message-relevant process steps (such as send and transform), the Business Process Engine relies on those services offered by the Integration Engine. SAP NetWeaver PI provides technical process monitoring capabilities either from a message view (XML message monitoring) or a process view (process runtime log). Navigation from message to process monitoring is supported. In addition, integration in the Runtime Workbench of SAP NetWeaver PI and to SAP CCMS is also supported. SAP NetWeaver PI supports WS-BPEL (BPEL4WS 1.1, WS-BPEL 2.0 with SAP NetWeaver PI 7.1).

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