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Stories from the Field. TERP10: A great way to get SAP certification for key business processes


Last week I attended my first SAP TechEd in Las Vegas.  I’ve worked with SAP on the applications side since 1994, so you can imagine how excited I was to learn about the “tech” side of our software.

I met so many wonderful and interesting people.  In fact, I may have spoken to you as I worked the SAP Education booth with my colleague Quincy Anderson (that’s me with Quincy in the photo above).  Quincy, by the way, is all technical. Wednesday afternoon, a gentleman who tests business process scripts in his work, stopped by the booth.  He had a question about application certification.  He was my dream visitor ‒ a person from the technical side who wanted to speak my language!

I applaud his initiative because it’s important for SAP specialists to explore new dimensions of the software. So if you work on the “technical” side, I believe you'd benefit from training on how things work on the “application” side, and vice versa.  My friend at the booth wanted to have a greater understanding of business processes so he could “speak the language” of his colleagues.

Fortunately for him (and perhaps many of you), SAP Education has the perfect solution.  TERP10, or “SAP ERP Integration of Business Processes,” is a 10-day course that focuses on key business processes including Procure to Pay, Order to Cash, Plan to Produce, Maintenance Processing, and others.  On the tenth day, we administer the SAP Certified Associate Business Process Integration exam.

When I explained this to my new friend at the booth, he told me he was concerned about the 10-day time commitment for the program.  And rightly so ‒ I completely understand being away from work that long.  Heck, when I take one day of vacation I come back to millions of e-mails!

But that’s the beauty of TERP10!  If my friend were to attend all of the five-day business processes classes SAP Education offers ‒ including AC010, AC040, SCM500, SCM600, PLM300, PLM200, and SCM130 ‒ he certainly would be an expert in business processes after 35 days of training!

Granted, the courses I just listed are extremely valuable to those who need to understand business processes at a detailed level.  But not everyone needs to be a business process expert.  Instead, many find it beneficial to understand, at a higher level, the business processes most prevalent in their daily work.  This new knowledge increases their value to the business because they can offer expertise on the “technical” side, and they can contribute when users have application questions.  It’s a win for them, and for their employer.

If you’d like to learn more about TERP10, “SAP ERP Integration of Business Processes," click on this link to see this coures on our SAP Training and Certification Shop.  I’m also happy to answer your questions ‒ just leave a comment at the end of this blog.

About Charla. As Head of Training Delivery Services for SAP Education in North America, I wear many hats.  A favorite part of my job is working with people and organizations to design learning programs to help them achieve their business and career objectives.

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