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Steps to connect from SAP HANA to SAP BO WEBI 4.2

SAPBO WEBI  4.2 SP3  : To leverage a  new feature direct  connectivity  between SAP HANA  and SAP BO WEBI4.2 SP03 .SAP WEBI Report Development without a SAP BO Universe and  Deliver  a strong BO Report Performance.

Two Types of BO connections can be created

1.Relation connection

2.OLAP Connection

                                                                   The Technical Architecture

Steps to  create BO connections in IDT :

please provide name and Description

  Select the  SAP HANA driver

   Please enter SAP HANA Server Access details

The cubes/objects  related to SAP HANA user  are visible here

Please check the connection

Now we shall the steps to be followed in SAP BO WEBI 4.2 SP03

Logon to SAP BO WEBI 4.2

Select the Data Source has SAP HANA

Select the BO connection you have created for Report Development

Select the SAPHANA object

Then use Report Query Panel and continue the report development

We are now developing  SAP BO WEBI 4.2 reports  having SAP HANA SPS11 as  Data source.

We will updating this page based on our development experience.

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