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SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management

Benefits of the latest NW Master Data Management Support Packages


Benefits of Support Package 16

Enhanced Repository Port Administration

You can now change the following properties of ports in MDM Console without stopping the repository:

  • Enabling or disabling an inbound or outbound port.
  • Changing the processing interval for outbound ports.
  • Changing the property Block on Structural Exceptions

Enhanced MDM Client capabilities               

  • You can now export tuple member fields from MDM Data Manager including full tuple information and not only display fields as it was before
  • You can now perform bulk import and export of MDM repository users and roles from MDM Console.

Optimized Workflow Performance

The performance of MDM workflow execution has been improved.

Introduced Secure ABAP API Connection

If the Master Data Server is secured with a password, all ABAP API function modules that call MDS commands, such as Create Repository, now need to provide the MDS password.

Introduced LDAP Server Data Cache

You can now set up a cache in MDS for LDAP server data that allows retrieving information about users and their associated roles from the internal cache and not from the LDAP server

CLIX Enhancements

  • New command to refresh the LDAP server data cache repRefreshLDAPCacheDat

New Support

  • SAP NetWeaver 7.5 and SAP NetWeaver 7.5a
  • IBM I Version 7.2
  • DB2 for IBM i 7.2
  • Microsoft Office Access 2013
  • Microsoft Office 2016 (Access and Excel)
  • Microsoft Office 365 (Access, Excel, and Visio)
  • Adobe InDesign CC 2015 for Windows

Benefits of Support Packages 14-15

Enhancements in Repository Activities Administration

You can now stop bulk import activities in one of the following ways:

  • Using Stop Activity option from the Activities table context menu in the MDM Console
  • Using the new CLIX Stop Activity command

You can now end MDM Java API and MDM .NET API repository connections (SP15) in one of the following ways:

  • Using End Connection option from the Connections table context menu in the MDM Console
  • Using the new CLIX command repEndConnection

Enhanced Workflow Administration

You can now define administrator users for workflows in addition to administrator roles that were introduced in SP11. A workflow administrator user has the same rights as a workflow owner for most administration operations.

Enhanced Web Dynpro functionality

  • New user exit to allow runtime changes to field alias names and tooltip text in the Item Details component
  • New user exit to show and hide result set columns
  • New user exit to hide columns in tuple tables
  • New user exit to supply a custom record to the Item Details component
  • Addition and removal of attribute text values in the Item Details component
  • Enhancements for Search (SP15):
  • Users can now search for records according to checkout status.
  • The column in the Result Set table that displays whether records are checked out is now sortable.
  • You can add a column for the checkout owner in the Result Set table.

  · Enhancements for Tuples (SP15): 

  • New user exit to filter tuple tables to limit lookups based on a specific tuple
  • New user exit to filter the results of a tuple search

Enhancements in Users Administration (SP15)

You can now manage users and roles by using a new role authorization functions, users and role management are no longer authorized by schema object functions

Enhanced Matching Performance and Usability (SP15)

  • You can now speed up transformation operations in the matching process and prevent locking issues by using new mds.ini parameters
  • You can now optimize the matching process by managing the level of messages in the MDS log during the matching operation
  • You can now save sets of matching results as named items and then reload them from the repository

Java API Enhancements (SP15)

New command to search for the record ID and return the checkout owners in the same order as in the record ID: RetrieveCheckoutOwnerByIdCommand

Enhancements to LDAP Searches (SP15)

You can now improve and speed up LDAP searches for users and roles by using new mds.ini parameters

New Support

  • Microsoft Office Excel 2013
  • New Database Version Support: Oracle 12 (SP15)
  • Microsoft Visio 2013 (SP15)

Benefits of Support Packages 11-13

Enhancements in Repository Administration

  • You can now update repository indices on repository startup by using a new Autostart repository option in the mds.ini file in the relevant repository section.
  • You can now control the tracking of checked-out or rolled-back record by using a new Enable Tracking of Checked-Out Records field in the Repository Properties in the Console.
  • You can now export repository users from a selected repository that is mounted and started.

Enhancements in Workflow Administration

You can now perform many of the tasks that previously only workflow owner could perform by using a new Workflow Administrator role that can be assigned to any user. Then user names are added to the new Administrator field in the Workflow properties and applicable workflow steps can be assigned to workflow administrators.

Enhanced MDM Client Capabilities

  • You can now export data in tuple fields from Data Manager.
  • You can now search for Remote Key mappings and you can perform a bulk delete of Remote Key mappings. You can use these new features to identify and delete invalid remote key mappings.

Enhanced WebDynpro Functionality

  • New layout properties for Search Component
  • Aliases for field labels and tooltips for fields for Item Details and Search Components

CLIX Enhancements

  • New command to report the number and names of tables and the number of records in each table.
  • New command to retrieve the sequential change counter in slave repositories. (SP12)[RH1]
  • Existing command repTruncateMCL has been enhanced to enable you to truncate the Master Change Log without impacting normal business operations on the Primary (Master) MDM repository.(SP12)

ABAP API Enhancements

  • New command to retrieve the list of attribute links for a taxonomy record, which includes the attribute priority information.
  • Two new constants have been added in the MDM_DB_TYPE domain to support SAP ASE DB and SAP HANA DB (MDM-SRM only). (SP12)

Other Important Enhancements

  • New Security Enhancement allows limiting Role applicability per client, so when the user attempts to connect using a client for which none of the user’s roles are applicable, the user will not be able to connect.
  • New Language Support – Serbian language. (SP12)
  • MDM Installer has been updated to version 15 that includes required security fixes and resolves issues with SAP host agent. (SP12)
  • New Database Support: SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) DBMS and SAP HANA DBMS for MDM-SRM scenarios. (SP12), Microsoft SQL Server 2014 (SP13)
  • New Platform Version Support: Windows Server 2012 R2 (SP13)

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