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MQ 7.5 JDBC drivers installation SAP PO 7.5

MQ 7.5 JDBC Drivers Installation Process:

1   Purpose

The purpose of this document is to discribe the general configuration steps required to deploy the MQ Drivers 7.5 on SAP NetWeaver 7.5 Process Orchestration QPO sysem in order to communicate with IBM WebSphere MQ servers. The deployment process required the packaging of MQ Drivers into which is part of SAPXI3RDPARTY_XX.SCA and using SAP SUM Tool to deploy the archives. The deployment is carried out following the SAP Notes and SAP Best Practices.

2   Preparation

   2.1 Prerequisites


      Before starting the installation the following pre-requisites should be check for successful deployment.

      To implement the IBM WebSphere MQ Drivers on  SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration, a running SAP NetWeaver PI/PO System must be 

     accessible and a compatible IBM.

      WebSphere MQ drivers are available including adequate permissions for the following parts:


      1.  You must have administrative access to:


  • Software Update Manager (SUM)
  • Enterprise Service Builder
  • SAP NetWeaver Administratior (NWA)
  • Integaration Builder
  • <SID>ADM password                                           

      Referred SAP Note 1138877 and followed the process described in the note to deploy External (IBM WebSphere MQ) Drivers JDBC/JMS adapters

     and SDN Article on deployment.

      For compatibility follow SAP Note 2040353 and IBM Reference as MQ 8.0 is not compatible with SAP NetWeaver 7.5 confirmed to deploy MQ 7.5      Drivers  on QPO system.

     2.2 Check which drivers are installed.

     SAP Note 1829286- PI: How to check which drivers are installed for JMS and JDBC Adapters

     URL :: http://sappoqa03:50000/nwa/classloader

     Select component as "LIBRARY" and search for search for adn in details select Resources

      Only the default library has been installed which is part of QPO installation.





     2.3 Packaging the SDA archive for deployment

          1. Check the curret SAP-XI3RDPARTY Software


          2. Download the SAPXI3RDPARTY00_0-80000870.SCA from  the SAP Service Marketplace


          3. Extract




          4.  Package


          12 jar files related to MQ and the highlighted file is default SAP XI3RDPARTY component file (do not delete the highlighted file)






          update provider.xml highlighted is default and add each entry for every MQ jar.file



          ZIP the folder agian and rename the to


3    Configuration

     3.1  Installation of IBM webSphere MQ Drivers for SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration - QPO

     3.1.1  Deploy the IBM WebSphere MQ 7.5 Drivers Using Software Update Manager

     1.      Logon to the OS of your PI System as QPO adm and extract the SUM tool.

     2.      Use the Software Update Manager (SUM) to deploy the adapters in the J2EE seever.

     3.      Move the following SDA to manually prepared directory for SUM Deployment



     4.    On the Log On screen, enter the administration credentials.

     5.     Choosw Log On.

     6.     On the next screen, choose Manually Prepared directory.

     7.     Choose Next.

               The compnents in the queue are displayed.

     8.     Choose Next.

     9.     Verify the components to be displayed.

     10.   Choose Start.

               The status desplays deployment is successful. You can further verify by choosing the Deployed Components tab.

     11.   Choose Exit.



     Login to http://POQA03:1128/lmsl/sumjava/QPO/index.html if https does not work try http the reason is your host agent is not configured with SSL.









     IBM WebSphere MQ 7.5 drivers are successfully installed and the files can be verified from NWA class loader. http://POQA03:50000/nwa/classloader      search  for and click on resources.