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ALM 12.01 Patch 3 Chinese, French, German, Japanese


ALM 12.01 Patch 3 patches (Chinese, French, German, Japanese) have now been released. Patch 3 includes:

  • Support for LeanFT in ALM using Business Process Testing. LeanFT automation testers can now use data management capabilities in ALM, such as:
    • Test configurations
    • Business Process Testing input/output parameterization
    • Iterations
  • Support for ARIS 9.8. The Business Models module now enables importing models from ARIS 9.8.
  • Certified Environments
    • ALM 12.01 Patch 3 is certified with Performance Center 12.01 Patch 3
    • Support for Windows 10 for the ALM Desktop Client
    • Support for Microsoft Office 2016
    • Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.7
  • Approximately 10 fixed defects.

For more details refer to the patch Release Notes.

Please see SAP Note 1329891 for patch download information.

These patches are also available using the HPE Software Support links listed below (if you have access):

Chinese Linux
Chinese Windows
French Linux
French Windows
German Linux
German Windows
Japanese Windows

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