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SAP Predictive Analytics

Graphical Row Filter


This R-Extension gives you a graphical screen to select the values you want to filter your dataset. It provides automatically the possible values from the selected columns for you to choose from in a PopUp. This makes filtering for values easier and more intuitive for the user.


Please note that this component is not an official release by SAP and that it is provided as-is without any guarantee or support. Please test the component to ensure it works for your purposes.


R libraries tcltk and tcltk2 must be installed.


The component is not optimized for performance. For datasets in which you have a lot of distinct values the filter should still work, but might not be the best choice from a usability side.


How to Implement

The component can be downloaded as .spar file from GitHub. Then deploy it as described here. You just need to import it through the option "Import/Model Component", which you will find by clicking on the plus-sign at the bottom of the list of the available algorithms.


I used the in GitHub available iris.csv dataset to visualize the functionality of the Graphical row filter.

Just start SAP Predictive Analysis and load the file you want to filter.

Then go to the "Predict" tab and add the „Graphical Row filter " component to your workflow and configure it by selecting the row you want to filter.

By Selecting “Run Up to Here” the component will provide you a graphical screen to select the values from the preconfigured column you want to filter for. You can select one or multiple and then press on ok.

Then your dataset gets filter and you can have a look at the result or continue with your predictions or calculations.