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Sybase IQ Overview,Benefits And Principles.


Sybase IQ is a powerful query server designed to increase the speed of query performed against large data.

Features of Sybase IQ

  • vertical data storage
  • Supported by Sybase central
  • optimized access methods for all types of data

Advantages of Sybase IQ

  • Speed:

       It is fast to implement as it allows multiple server configuration.It handles large amount of data and can load the data when users are querying.

  • Economy

       It saves a lot of disk space by storing only the index and index size is kept small by different data compression methods. Entire database

      can be fully indexed which saves a lot of disk space rather than storing raw data.

  • Flexibility

      It is integrated with open client and open server. To the end user Sybase IQ might look like another RDBMS but it is not like other

       database.It can load data from variety of sources.

Other Benefits:

  • Support for multi-server configurations.
  • Reduced I/O.
  • Rapid access to Information.
  • Reduced disk requirements.
  • Users can access data with variety of query tools.

Key principles of Sybase IQ

  • Column wise data structures

     Stores data column wise rather than row wise which helps in returning only those columns which are necessary for query thus reducing I/O.

  • Bit wise Indexing
  1.      It translates unique elements of column to bit mask and helps both high and low cardinality columns.
  2.      Low cardinality data: less than 1500 unique values.Example, gender.
  3.      High cardinality data: 1500 or more unique values.Example, Phone number. 

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