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SAP Web IDE SDK - Plugin Consumer






Discover Plugins

The primary place for application developers to discover plugins is the SAP App Center. SAP lists its plugins there and encourages its partners to list them there as well. Using SAP App Center’s intuitive UI, application developers can easily filter SAP Web IDE plugins from all of the listed apps.

Clicking on a plugin tile will provide application developers with additional information and resources about the plugin.

Consume Plugins

In order to obtain the needed information for configuring SAP Web IDE to consume the plugin, the HCP account administrator will need to click the Get it button on the plugin page on the SAP App Center.

Clicking the Get it button will lead the HCP account administrator to either of the following:

  • Contact Us form. You as a plugin owner will need to contact them and provide guidance on how to obtain and enable the plugin.
  • Plugin landing page. Here the HCP account administrator will be able to download additional assets, including a guide on how to obtain the plugin and enable it in SAP Web IDE.
  • The Plugins and Add-ons page of the SAP Web IDE online help. This is the default place for plugins that are delivered out-of-the-box with SAP Web IDE.

Upgrade Plugins

You, the plugin developer,  can upgrade your plugin at any time. Since this is a cloud service, the plugins will automatically be refreshed when application developers reload or refresh SAP Web IDE.

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