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Obtaining a Development Environment

First, you’ll need to sign up as an SAP partner in order to get a development environment. You’ll need to register for the SAP "PartnerEdge for Application Development" program and add the Innovation Pack for SAP HANA Cloud Platform, which gives you access to an SAP Web IDE instance for development.

Here are the services that we at SAP provide for you as an SAP partner for plugin development:

  • An SAP HANA Cloud Platform account including support, storage, and bandwidth.
  • Access to SAP Web IDE for developing your plugins.
  • Access to SAP App Center where you will be able to publish your plugins and where we will promote them to our customers and partners.

For more information on the SAP PartnerEdge for Application Development program, click here.

For more information on Innovation Pack for SAP HANA Cloud platform, click here.

Developing a SAP Web IDE Plugin

SAP Web IDE includes dedicated wizards for new SAP Web IDE feature and plugin creations. The templates generate the structure and allow you to rapidly get started with developing plugins.

New to SAP Web IDE plugin development?

Or perhaps you need more information?

It’s time to visit the SAP Web IDE SDK. Here you’ll be able to find the following information:

  • Overview and concept
  • Programming guidelines
  • UX guidelines
  • API Reference
  • Tutorials for common plugin development

Testing the SAP Web IDE Plugin

SAP Web IDE is the plugin development environment. Therefore, testing a plugin is done from within SAP Web IDE. All the details for testing a plugin can be found here.

Getting Support

Use the standard SAP support channels.

  • If you have questions, you’re welcome to create a discussion on SCN in the SAPUI5 Developer Center space.
  • Ideas for new functionality should be delivered through SAP Idea Place. When submitting an idea make sure you select SAP Web IDE as the Category.
  • For reporting bugs, please use SAP’s OSS system. Use the CA-WDE-SDK component.

Publishing an SAP Web IDE Plugin

In order for your plugin to be available for productive use for SAP Fiori/SAPUI5 application developers, you need to deploy it to SAP HANA Cloud Platform. Application developers who’d like to consume the plugin will configure their SAP Web IDE to load the plugin from this location.

More on this will be addressed in the Extension Consumption Story part of the document.

As an SAP Partner, the Innovation Pack for SAP HANA Cloud Platform provides you access to SAP Web IDE for development purposes. If you would like your plugins to be used by customers or other organizations, you also need to obtain a relevant runtime productive account. SAP offers you to obtain your own ePaaS account. For more information, visit Embedded PaaS (ePaaS) for SAP HANA Cloud Platform. For additional options, contact

For more details on publishing a plugin, visit Deploy the Repository to SAP HANA Cloud Platform page of the SAP Web IDE SDK.

Promoting an SAP Web IDE Plugin

Partners are entitled to promote their SAP Web IDE plugins by listing them on the SAP App Center. More information on registering for the SAP App Center and listing a plugin on is available here.

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