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SAP Cloud Applications Studio

Common Copy Solution Profile Error.

Dear All,

This document helps you to explain the common issue, which occurs while performing copy solution profile activities.

You might receive below errors while performing copy solution profile.


System versions do not match

Copy not allowed; source and target system have different add on versions


This happens, as the source and Target system does not have same Add- on Version.


For example, source system may have lower version of Add-on than target system




Target system might have the higher Version that source system.


  • Login to Cloud Application Studio in source.
  • Open the required solution.
  • Go to Implementation Manger and check the latest Add-on Version.
  • You should be having the same zip file of the Add-on Solution as a backup.
  • Login to Cloud Application Studio in respective Target system.
  • Upload the same latest zip file, which is similar to source system.
  • Click Activate on the uploaded Solution in the implementation Manager.

Once this is done, Add-on Versions should be same and above error while copy solution profile should not occur.



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