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Setting to Show the system name and client in the windows taskbar


We are using SAP GUI for Windows, we have opened multiple SAP systems/ single system with multiple clients and juggling between the windows on the taskbar to open the one we actually need. It is hard to go through each window and check if this is what we wanted!

Here is the solution

Before personalization: We want to open EE7 (001) system. Where is that window!


Simple steps to enable the system ID and client display

  1. In the system function bar open ‘Customizing of local layout’

      2. In the SAP GUI Options Dialog, Interaction Design-> Visualization 2-> Window Title

         ‘Check’ the Show system name in taskbar button, Click Apply and OK .


After Personalization: Now we know where the EE7 (001) Window is straight through.

Thank you,

Rekha D.R

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