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SAP TechEd

SAP HANA Application Lifecycle Management for XSA @ TechED in Barcelona 2016


SAP HANA Application Lifecycle Management for XSC and XSA

SAP HANA Application Lifecycle Management is an XS Classic application, which is part of your SAP HANA platform installation (starting with SPS 06), and aims to support the various facets of the lifecycle of XS an application.
In the successor SAP HANA XS Advanced, we intend to continue offering some of these features again, beginning with installation, update and transport (SPS 11 and higher).

We are offering a Customer Engagement Initiative and Usability Testing for customers who want to influence the features and future direction of the . The key focus of the Usability Testing at TechEd in Barcelona 2016 is to get feedback on the installation and update functionallity provided by our new Fiori GUI for products and software components. The Customer Engagement Initiative also goes beyond this scope and covers transport features (based on CTS+, for example) and change tracking.

Activities at TechED in Barcelona 2016

  • Lecture (ITM111)
    Development Process and Software Logistics in XSA in SAP HANA
  • Customer Engagement Contact
    Come to our lecture above or Usability Testing area and ask us how you can participate, or contact us via e-mail (contact data see below).
  • Usability Tests at TechEd in Barcelona
    Registration via


Harald Stevens

Product Management

Frank Misch

Product Owner

We are looking forward to see you there - especially for the customer engagement session and usability tests! Your chance to influence the software development!

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