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SAP Web IDE SDK - Overview






Why SAP Web IDE Plugins

SAP Web IDE is a powerful, extensible, web-based integrated development tool that simplifies end-to-end application development. SAP Web IDE architecture is based on plugins. This framework allows you, the plugin developer, to easily extend SAP Web IDE with new features and provide them to others. Here are some ideas for plugins to get you started:

  • Create templates with customer-specific branding.
  • Connect to a service, such as Twitter, Slack, Jira, task management system.
  • Create a shortcut to a set of common operations.
  • …and more.

SAP Web IDE plugins provides you, the plugin developer, with the following benefits:

  • Make the development more productive
  • Promote a functionality
  • Upsell a tool
  • Present SAP related capabilities and professionalism

Getting Started with SAP Web IDE Plugin

This SAP Web IDE Plugins series of SCN documents describe the SAP Web IDE plugin end-to-end story. While the technology applies to customers and partners  alike, our focus in this story is on SAP partners who would like to develop and publish SAP Web IDE plugins.

The following figure depicts a schematic overview of the story.

  • To read the plugin developer story, click here.
  • To read the application developer (plugin consumer) story, click here.

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