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PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)

SAP PLM Recipe Development – Change Log Function for Specifications and Recipes


This blog belongs to a series of blogs regrouped on the SCN page “SAP PLM Recipe Development for Beginners”.

Change Documents for Specifications in SAP GUI (CG02)

If you are using the substance workbench in the context of EHS you might be familiar with the Specification Change Log function: 

With this function you can find out which user changed which value in a given specification at which time. The activation of this function for SAP GUI (CG02) is described in this SCN blog: Enabling Change Documents Log for Specification in EHS Specification Management.  If you use specifications in the context of Recipe Development you can also use this function which is still available in transaction CG02 in the SAP GUI.

Most Recipe Development Business Users however will not be able to access transaction CG02 in the SAP GUI. They might only be working with the SAP WEB-UI. Therefore, let's now take a look how change logs for specifications and recipes work in the WEB-UI: 

Change Documents for Specifications in the WEB-UI

In this example, I have been using the “Serving Size” in the specification property tree.

To access the change log, I click “Additional Functions” – “Display Change Documents”.

Now a new window appears which lists all change documents concerning this specification in the lower screen. I can either scroll down or use the “Search Criteria” above, if I want to investigate who changed a particular value.

The results can also be exported into Excel.

Change Documents for Recipes in the WEB-UI

The same function is available for recipes. If you click “Additional Functions” – “Display Change Documents”, a new window with the change documents appears.

Here, you can again either browse through all change logs in the lower part of the screen or you can use the Search Criteria for refining the displayed change log list.

The change log is displayed in the same manner as for specification and you can quickly see the most relevant information: changed field – old value – new value – user

To activate those functions in your system, please take a look at SAP Note 1963483 - Change Documents Application for Specifications and Recipes in the PLM Recipe Development