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PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)

SAP PLM Recipe Development – Labeling – Package Label


This blog belongs to a series of blogs regrouped on the SCN page “SAP PLM Recipe Development for Beginners”.

Finally, after we successfully struggled through the following chapters:

  • Label Set Creation
  • Ingredient Label
  • Allergens (Qualitative) Label
  • Nutrients

we now want to understand, how the label data can actually be processed for printing.

We therefore click on the tab “Package Label”. Here we first click on “Add Package List”.

As you can see in the screen below, it is also possible to add several package label lists (e.g. for different quantities and in different languages).

In the “List – Section” you can now flag or unflag the previously created label subsets (such as ingredients listing, allergen statement, nutrient statement, …). With the additional “long text” field, you can add additional comments that shall also be printed on the label.

Finally, you press the button “Generate Preview” in the Print Preview section to generate a PDF report.

Alternatively you can also export the entire label set data to an XML-file.

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