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PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)

SAP PLM Recipe Development – Labeling – Component / Nutrient Label


This blog belongs to a series of blogs regrouped on the SCN page “SAP PLM Recipe Development for Beginners”.

In this chapter, we take a closer look at the Nutrient Label or Component Label. The term “component label” refers to a broader usage, but the functionality is exactly the same as for its original use case:

  • Showing which nutrients (substances) are contained in a product
  • Including the quantity of a certain nutrient in relation to a given base quantity.

Before we jump into the label, let’s first have a quick look at how the nutrient related data looks like in a recipe. On the tab “Calculation Results” – “Nutrients”, you can select a nutrient group. You then see all nutrients belonging to this group listed below – each nutrient with a corresponding quantity.

To understand where those nutrients come from, we can click on the “By Ingredients” tab. Now we see which ingredient contributes how much to the total values of our nutrients.

If we now click on the ingredient specification, we can navigate to the nutrient section in the property tree of this specification and see the maintained nutrient values (for nutrient group “BIG 8”).

Now that we understand where the nutrients come from, let’s take look at how the nutrients are managed in the label set. Let’s therefore click on “Label Definition” – “Component Label”.

Here again, we have to assign a Data Origin (including rating and validity area) first.

If we highlight the component structure on the left side, we are able to click “Add Group” – here we add the Nutrient Group “BIG 8”.

Now all nutrients belonging to this group are listed below (with their respective values and corresponding Unit of Measure).

If we now click on “Transfer Calculated Values”, we see how the fields in the columns “Declared Value” and “Declared Value UoM” are automatically populated. The values are automatically rounded (according to rounding rules).

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