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PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)

SAP PLM Recipe Development Basics – How to create a Recipe Label?


This blog belongs to a series of blogs regrouped on the SCN page “SAP PLM Recipe Development for Beginners”.

In this chapter we learn how to create a label for a recipe. Once we are familiar with creating new labels, we take a deeper look into the following functions in separate chapters:

  • Ingredient Label
  • Allergens (Qualitative) Label
  • Nutrients

But now back to the basics. Let’s say we almost finalized our new pizza recipe and we now want to take care of the product declaration. In the food industry, we need produce an ingredients list, a nutrients overview and we need to indicate what allergens are contained in our product.

We access our recipe and click “Related Links” – “Create Label”.

In the next screen, we click on “continue”.

In the actual label, we find out that the number range of the label is very similar to the recipe. It is also composed of <Number of Output-Specification> / <Alternative> / <Version>

We now need to maintain a so called “target location” and a corresponding language for our new label.

We also take a closer look at the status network of the label, which follows the same concept as the status network of the recipe.

As far as the Data Origin is concerned, it is interesting to know, that you can also create labels for specifications (data origin = real_substance). But for our sake, we leave the default data origin which corresponds to our recipe number.

We now navigate to the tab “Classes” and we understand how we can use the classification for labels.

More in the chapter “SAP PLM Recipe Development Basics – Classes and Characteristics”.

Finally, we come to the tab “Documents”, where we are able to link DMS documents which have previously been checked into SAP Document Management.

System Configuration

Let’s quickly see where we can do configuration for the label.

IMG path: Logistic General – Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) – PLM Web User Interface – Recipe Development - Labeling

In General Settings you need to assign a status network to your label.

And with the setting “Set Up Connection to Recipe Development”, you select the recipe calculations which shall be used for Labeling.

Now that we crated the label and maintained the “General Data”, let’s now take a look at the following functions in detail:

  • Ingredient Label
  • Allergens (Qualitative) Label
  • Nutrients

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