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PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)

SAP PLM Recipe Development – Recipe Development in the PLM Process Map


This blog belongs to a series of blogs regrouped on the SCN page “SAP PLM Recipe Development for Beginners”.

If someone asks us “What is SAP PLM and what areas are covered by it?”, we might at first be a bit puzzled. SAP PLM actually covers a lot of modules and tools and it is often in the eyes of the beholder to define which parts of SAP PP for example belong to PLM and which don’t.

If you want to understand where SAP Recipe Development sits within SAP PLM, the following links might provide some insight:

As you can see from the last two links above, there are two main use cases for SAP PLM. PLM in for Discrete Manufacturing and PLM for the Process Industry.

So SAP Recipe Development belongs to PLM for the Process Industry. But were exactly is it used in the end-to-end process? How does it interact with other SAP PLM solutions?

The following End-to-End Process Map helps to answer those questions:

Below you find the various PLM project phases with links to the respective SAP solutions.

Strategy – Idea – Concept

In this phase we think about the strategic direction of our company and of our product and project portfolio. We collect ideas for new products, evaluate those ideas (including financial evaluation) and finally create a detailed project plan for a “new product development”.

SAP Strategy Management (SAP Help)

SAP Innovation Management (Video)

SAP Innovation Management (SAP Help)

SAP PPM (Video)



Concept – Development – Scale Up

The project for the “new product development” kicks-off and the specification and recipe managers start with the operational new product development process. After many iterations and a final compliance check, the new product is launched and handed over to production.

SAP Specification Management (SAP Help)

SAP Recipe Development (SAP Help)

SAP Recipe Compliance Management (SAP Help)

Scale Up – Launch – Production

The PLM process is not finished yet. In production, we track and trace the new product, we control it's quality and managed it's production in an efficient way.

SAP Batch Management (SAP Help)

SAP Quality Management (SAP Help)

SAP Production Planning for Process Industries (SAP Help)

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