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PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)

SAP PLM Recipe Development – what about Roles & Authorizations?


This blog belongs to a series of blogs regrouped on the SCN page “SAP PLM Recipe Development for Beginners”.

When you are implementing SAP Recipe Development, there is a phase in the project when you can’t avoid talking about roles & authorizations. We are raising two main questions:

  • Anything special we have to consider for SAP Recipe Development (web-ui) in comparison to classical SAP ERP (SAP GUI) modules in this area?
  • What are the most important authorization objects?

Web-ui related information

Type transaction NWBC in the SAP-GUI of your SAP system, you launch the Netweaver Business Client.

Here you select role SAP_PLMWUI_PROCESS_MENU2 and the Recipe Development Menu appears.

We now would like to understand how we can set up different menus for different users. We therefore call transaction PFCG in the SAP-GUI.

When we take a look at role SAP_PLMWUI_PROCESS_MENU2 and click on the tab “Menu”, we understand how we can change the menu (simply copying the role and deleting the entries which are not needed for a specific user).

By the way: if you highlight a menu entry here (e.g. Create Recipe) and then click on the highlighted symbol in the screenshot above, you can test your application.

List of SAP Standard Roles relevant for Recipe Development

Here is a list of SAP standard roles relevant for SAP Recipe Development.

SAP_BCV_USERBusiness Context Viewer User
SAP_BC_CUS_CUSTOMIZERCustomizing Project Team Member
SAP_PLMWUI_DEMO_ADMINISTRATORAccess Control Context Administrator (for Pilot Implementation)
SAP_PLMWUI_DEMO_ADMINISTRATOR2Access Control Context Administrator (for Pilot Implementation)
SAP_PLMWUI_ENGINEERING_MGREngineering Manager (ACC Authorizations)
SAP_PLMWUI_ENGINEERING_MGR2Engineering Manager 2 (ACC Authorizations)
SAP_PLMWUI_MATERIAL_SPECMaterial Specialist (ACC Authorizations)
SAP_PLMWUI_NAVIGATORObject Navigator Authorizations for All PLM WUI Object Types
SAP_PLMWUI_OBJECT_ASSIGNERObject Assigner (ACC Authorizations)
SAP_PLMWUI_PROCESS_MENU3Recipe Developer 7.3
SAP_PLMWUI_PRODUCT_SPECIALIST2Product Specialist  (ACC Authorizations)


List of SAP Authorization Objects relevant for Recipe Development

The exact authorization objects are of course always dependent on what function you are using in detail. The list below should however give you quite a good starting point covering most SAP RD areas such as: Specifications, Materials, Recipes, Documents, …

C_AENR_BGRCC: Change master - authorization group (Generate change number)
C_AENR_ERWCC: Eng. change management - enhanced authorization check
C_CABNAuthorization for Characteristics Maintenance
C_CABN_GRPAuthorization group in characteristics
C_CLA_PROFProfile maintenance/assignment of settings in classification
C_DRAD_OBJCreate/Change/Display/Delete Object Link
C_DRAW_BGRAuthorization for authorization groups
C_DRAW_DOKAuthorization for document access
C_DRAW_STAAuthorization for document status
C_DRAW_TCDAuthorization for document activities
C_DRAW_TCSStatus-Dependent Authorizations for Documents
C_EHSB_STAEHS: Status of objects
C_EHSO_GRPGroup management for EH&S objects
C_EHSP_TPPEH&S: Phrase Item
C_EHSS_CDEDisplay change documents
C_KLAH_BKLAuthorization for Classification
C_KLAH_BKPAuthorization for Class Maintenance
C_SHEP_TPGEHS: Phrase Library and Phrase Group
C_SHES_TD2EHS: Value Assignment Usage with Specification Type
C_SHES_TR2EHS: Specification Header with Specification Type
C_SHES_TS2EHS: Specification Status with Specification Type
C_SHES_TV2EHS: Value Assgmt with Reference to a Spec. with Spec. Type
C_STUE_BERCS BOM authorizations
C_TCLA_BKAAuthorization for class types
M_MATE_MANMaterial Master: Data at client level
M_MATE_MARMaterial Master: Material Types
M_MATE_STAMaterial master: Maintenance statuses
PLM_ECRPLM authorizations for engineering records
PLM_R2BAythorization object Recipe to BOM synchronization
PLM_RCPPLM authorizations for Recipe Development
PLM_RCPCVSPLM central Authorization object for recipe versions
PLM_RCPTABRecipe view ID=*
PLM_RPRPPMRecipe process parameter master data
PLM_SAMPLM authorizations for status management
PLM_SPUSRSuper user per object type
S_SCD0Change documents
S_SCMG_CASCase Management: Case
S_SCMG_FLNCase Management: Authorization by Field
S_SCMG_STACase Management: Status
S_SCMG_TXTCase Management: Text Notes
S_SRM_ARCHSAP Records Management: Authorizations for Archiving
S_SRM_ST_NSRM: Authorization Object for Status Network
S_SRM_ST_PSRM Status Management: Auth. Object for Status Profile
S_SRM_STATSRM Status Management: General Authorization Object
S_SRMDISP1Records Management: Circular
S_SRMGS_CTRecords Management: Authorizations for Document Content
S_SRMGS_DCRecords Management: Authorization for Documents
S_SRMGS_PRRecords Management: Authorizations for Attributes
S_SRMGS_VVRecords Management: Authorizations for Versions and Variants
S_SRMKCMNTSRM - Keyword Catalog
S_SRMPATH1SRM - Process Route
S_SRMRECSTRecords Management: Record: Authorizations for Record Strctr
S_SRMSY_CLSAP Records Management : General Authorization Object

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