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Special Access Control Topics - Restriction Rule Workforce


Special Access Control Topics

In the previous sections I have explained the basic concept of access control. This section will now provide details on special topics in the context of the access control.

7.1 Restriction Rule Workforce - this blog

7.2 Delegates

7.3 Access Control for Reports

7.4 Access Control for custom developed Business Objects

Special Access Control Topics - Restriction Rule Workforce

The restriction rule workforce is available for the following access contexts

1015 - Customer Quote, Sales Order, Lead, Opportunity, Contact, Account

1016 - Business Activity (Email, Appointment, Visit, PhoneCalls Tasks

This restriction rule considers the employee relationships “supervises/works for” (BUR026) for access control. This enables to set up an additional hierarchical relationship structure btw. employees independent of the organizational model and organizational management assignments.
Please note that the relationship by default is delivered inactive and needs to be activated in the fine tuning (General Business Partners -->

The restriction rule needs to be set up in the business role for the relevant work center views (access context 1015 and/or 1016)

Here is an Example on how it works:

Employee Relationship

Knut Hansen supervises Mini Gross (this also results into the reverse relationship direction - Mini Gross works for KnutSpecial Access Control Topics- Access Control for custom developed Business Objects Hansen in the employee record for Mini Gross). Mini Gross supervises Stefan Sued.

In order to have the new relationship assignment also reflected in the actual access control setting during runtime, the role needs to be updated (Business Role --> Assigned Users --> Update User). In addition a background job is running daily (midnight 0.00h) to automatically update the users on the new relationships.

Access Result

Knut Hansen is now able to see all accounts where Stefan Sued and Mini Gross are assigned in the account team. Knut Hansen can also access the accounts of Stefan Sued although he works not directly for Knut. Hence the resulting relationship hierarchy is also considered.