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How to Create Surcharge Based on Extension Field

I am describing the process with an example, so it is easy for you to follow the steps.

1. Create extension fields.

Create extension field 'Item_Color' on product and enable the extension scenario from Material to Sales Order Item.

Create extension field 'Account Ext. Field' on account and enable the extension scenario from Account to Sales Order General.

Now, when you creating a new sales order, the extension field 'Account Ext. Field' and 'Item_Color' will be visible in the sales order and the value is copied from account and product master data.

2. Enable the extension fields for Pricing in sales order.

Now these 2 extension fields are available for pricing.

3. Create custom surcharge based on extension fields.

Step1: Create custom price table

Step2: Assign Access Sequence

Step3: Assign Price Group

Step4: Create Custom Surcharge

Create new sales order, the surcharege is now determined in the item level pricing.

Note: the surcharge is only supported on item level.

For more explanation on the extension fields in pricing, please see the help document: Pricing with Extension Fields.

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