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SAP Global Batch Traceability

Create Global Search Variants in GBT


As of release 7.40 SP03, SAP Netweaver provides Global Search Variants which are created once by an administrator and can be used by all users.

They can be created for all GBT search screens like Batch Search or Network Nodes with Missing Events.

Global Search Variants are created by calling the application directly in ‚Administration Mode‘ (not by calling a role):

  1. Open transaction SE80.
  2. In the Object Navigator navigate to the relevant Application Configurations folder and double-click an application configuration inside it.
  3. In the main menu bar, choose Web Dynpro Configuration -> Test -> Execute in Administration Mode.
    The application is opened in administration mode; the Customizing Modebanner is displayed above the title bar.
  4. Define and save the search variant in the same way like in the normal user mode.
    The search variant is now visible to all users and is indicated by the word Global.

The Administration Mode for the Batch Search can be accessed also using a URL to directly call the application:

For calling the Search for Network Nodes with missing events, the URL would look like this:

Copy the link and adjust the server, port and client accordingly.

You can also add the URL to the SAP Easy Access Menu or an Administrator Role in PFCG.

SAP Help for Global Search Variants:

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