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Unlock the CMS database with new data access driver for BI 4.2 SP3

One of the mostly requested feature by BI platform administrators is an integrated and easy to use Reporting & Analysis solution for the CMS database. As of now this is provided by the BI platform through the Query Builder, an HTML application to query the metadata (see BusinessObjects Query builder - Basics).

With the new CMS data access driver introduced in SAP BI 4.2 SP3 (see SAP BI 4.2 SP3: What’s New In Semantic Layer) you can use a universe and native reporting clients to query the metadata of the CMS repository database.

While the driver is installed with the product, a universe and sample Web Intelligence documents will be available for download on this site. This will allow us to provide release independent updates for the first version of the universe and samples. Its integration as samples in the installation is planned for a future support package.


Most of the data access drivers are using SQL and database middleware to run queries against a data source. However, for the CMS database direct access using SQL drivers is not possible, metadata queries are managed by the Central Management Server (CMS). The CMS controls the database connection and can execute queries using its own query language.


To use the BI Repository Analysis solution, you should at least have a basic understanding of the CMS system database, how to query InfoObjects metadata, its properties and relationships.


  • BI 4.2 Support Package 3

Get started

  1. Download the content (universe, Web Intelligence samples and videos)
  2. Import the universe from the LCMBIAR into your BI 4.2 system using Promotion Management
  3. Watch the videos to get help in getting started using the universe

Planned Activities

Sample content version 1Universe and simple Web Intelligence documentsAugust
SAP TechEd

Session ID: ANP266
Meet us at Teched to practice / train on this new driver, talk about the universe, create complex reports and share your feedback.
ANP266: Explore Your System in Real Time with the Latest BI-on-BI features
SAP TechEd Las VegasWednesday, September 21, 2016  04:30 PM-06:30 PMSeptember
Friday, September 23, 2016  10:30 AM-12:30 PM
SAP TechEd BangaloreFriday, October 07, 2016  11:45 AM-01:45 PMOctober
SAP TechEd BarcelonaTuesday, November 8, 2016  11:00 AM-13:00 PM
Thursday, November 10, 2016  02:30 PM-04:30 PM
Sample content version 2Enhanced universe and more Web Intelligence documentsDecember

Top Contributors

A special thanks goes to the top contributors leading the development of the sample content (universe, Web Intelligence documents and videos):
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