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Troubleshooting SAP HANA System Replication

System Replication is NOT Host Auto-Failover.

System Replication allows you to replicate your SAP HANA database data from one computer to another computer to compensate for system failures.

System replication is set up so that a secondary standby system is configured as an exact copy of the active primary system

The secondary system can be located near the primary system or, it can be installed in a remote site

Important Files ;

When troubleshooting System replication issues the following files are the most relevant ones.

–nameserver_<hostname> – hdbnsutil log file

     Contains information on each execution of hdbnsutil

–nameserver_<hostname> – nameserver trace file

     Documents registration of sites as well as takeover process

–indexserver_<hostname> – indexserver trace file

     Documents individual takeover process -> important for log shipping issues

–daemon_<hostname> – daemon trace file

     Shows quick overview of starting/stopping of processes and connections to other site

Network Issue

There are two requirements for successful networking for HANA Disaster Recovery:

–1. “Throughput”: It must be possible to transport the size of the persistently stored data within one day from the primary to the secondary.

–2. “Latency”: The redo log shipping wait time for 4 KB log buffers must be less than a millisecond or in a low single-digit millisecond range – depending on the application requirements (relevant for synchronous replication only).

Symptoms of insufficient network capabilities can manifest like this:

–Replication status is “Initializing” for a very long time

–Multiple log file entries such as the following:

o43349]{-1}[-1/-1] 2015-01-28 23:56:15.149841 e Stream NetworkChannelCompletion.cpp(00626) : NetworkChannelCompletionThread #2 NetworkChannel FD 24 [0x00007ffb67ca5a00]  {refCnt=3, idx=2} (invalid)-> Connected,[r---]

: Error in asynchronous stream event: exception  1: no.2110001 (Basis/IO/Stream/impl/NetworkChannelCompletion.cpp:546)

Generic stream error: getsockopt, Event=EPOLLERR - , rc=110: Connection timed out

o[76620]{-1}[-1/-1] 2015-01-09 08:52:54.642605 e sr_dataaccess DisasterRecoveryPrimaryImpl.cpp(00369) : Closing connection to siteID 2. LogShipping was waiting for 80 seconds (logshipping_timeout = 60)!

[225893]{-1}[-1/-1] 2015-01-09 08:58:57.893574 e Stream NetworkChannelCompletion.cpp(00626) : NetworkChannelCompletionThread #0 NetworkChannel FD 2206 [0x00007f955dcfa700]  {refCnt=6, idx=0}> Connected,[-w--]

: Error in asynchronous stream event: exception  1: no.2110001 (Basis/IO/Stream/impl/NetworkChannelCompletion.cpp:546)

Generic stream error: getsockopt, Event=EPOLLERR - , rc=32: Broken pipe


If the issue is occuring as you are setting up replication you should check the nameserver_<hostname> – hdbnsutil log file

on both sits and ensure that you are using the right pommand on the right system

the following link details what command should be run on which system

SAP HANA Administration Guide - SAP Library

Known Issues

Due to an issue with consistency impacted by savepoints and log shipping, a known bug can cause inconsistent savepoint versions.

Crash Stack:

exception 1: no.1000000 (DataAccess/impl/DisasterRecoveryProtocol.hpp:627)Assertion failed: 0 == (oldState & state)exception throw location:

1: 0x00007f08f077e0e1 in DataAccess::ReplicationProtocolSecondaryHandler::preloadTables

2: 0x00007f08f079583d in DataAccess::DisasterRecoverySecondaryHandlerImpl::setupDataShippingHandler

3: 0x00007f08f07959cc in DataAccess::DisasterRecoverySecondaryHandlerImpl::resetDataShippingHandler

4: 0x00007f08f0795d16 in DataAccess::DisasterRecoverySecondaryHandlerImpl::reconnectDataHandleretc.

Solution is to re-register and conduct a full replication again to ensure that both sites are consistent with each other:

hdbnsutil -sr_register --force_full_replica

More information: 2075771 - SAP HANA DB: System Replication - Possible persistence corruption on secondary site

Use full notes and blogs

SCN Blog “HANA System Replication - Take-over process”:

SCN Blog “Registering a Secondary system for System Replication – Troubleshooting” –

Registering a Secondary system for System Replication - Troubleshooting

System Replication Configuration Parameters of global.ini file:

SCN Document “How to Perform System Replication for SAP HANA”:

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Video - SAP HANA Academy - Administration: System Replication in SAP HANA Studio -

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